Monday, November 29, 2021

The Good - the Bad - the Ugly



I have come to the conclusion that the world is f*cked up - ya know???  I don't even know where to start...........

Covid has tipped the scales of common sense - to lunacy ..... Honestly!!  The housing market is crazy ...... people are putting offers on houses with NO conditions... no house inspections nothing.  AND houses are selling for wayyyy more than they're worth!!  I keep saying IF we buy now at these inflated prices (which we're not ready to do - still saving a down payment)  I think we could loose our shirts.

BUT then if we try to move to another rental property.......... le sigh..... rents are outrageous.... Let me explain...... the property we saw on Friday night was nice.  It's a very old house ( 3 bedrooms 1 bath) that is being renovated.  (very old meaning probably built in the 1950's) which is exactly what we love.  BUT as much as they are renovating to make it 'look pretty' there are some glaringly obvious problems...... like central heat that does not go upstairs with ducts.... instead they heat the main level and have vents open upstairs and the thought is "heat rises" UGH??!!  The rent they are asking is ludicrous - almost $2000 a month - WTF??? this is not an executive home - it is not in the ritzy part of the city - it's in the middle class/working class section of town.  Who in that tax bracket makes enough to afford that rent??!!  AND yet these properties don't stay on the market for more than 24 hours!!  If that wasn't bad enough - the lil one would have to change schools and - get this - would have to walk to school ......a 20 minute walk on one of the busiest streets...... so I would have to drive her to and from school ......... and truthfully I am not ready to do that.

The state of the housing market is scary!

After spending that 5 1/2 hours draining our basement last week - it filled right back up again in less than 2 days......... le sigh......... our only hope now is waiting for the rental board to hear our case (hopefully in the next 3 - 6 weeks )

AND then Covid - this new variant.  It is already here - in our province.  GAH!  it's discouraging ya know?? I honestly don't think we're ever gonna see the end of this pandemic - now I think we have to find a way to live with this....
On the plus side....... the lil one has her appointment to be vaccinated - Dec 9th.  

BUT it wasn't all depressing news this weekend...... Sir Steve and I ran messages early Saturday morning and then came home to drag all the Christmas decorations upstairs (yeah out of the flooded basement - fortunately we have shelves down there and everything is up on shelves out of the water) Everything got done except for the tree.  Tonight is our family "tree decorating" party when 'Daddy' gets home from work.  Then supper (home made pizza ) in front of the television watching a Christmas movie together.  (this has become an annual event around here)  I think we all look forward to it........

Oh and we had snow on the weekend!!  maybe - just maybe - we'll have a white Christmas this year !!



  1. Our housing market went crazy too. Only good note our daughter's friend bought a house three years ago for $117,000 and sold it this past year for $175,000. Good for her but... The good news is that it settled back to normal pretty quickly. I hope yours does too.

    Christmas decorations will help. It won't solve things, but it will help.

  2. Hi Morningstar, the housing market is crazy here too. First home buyers almost have no chance of entering the market and those renting who have to move face huge hikes in rental prices, if they can find a place!

    I'm beginning to think this damn covid situation is never going to end too. Enjoy the decorating. Homemade pizza and movies sound awesome:)


  3. Even here in Belgium, the housing market has gone weird. A few years ago, I thought of selling my 3-bed house, as it is just too big for one person and getting a 1 or 2-bed apartment. But small apartments here now cost more than houses. I don't understand. Good luck with the house hunt anyway


  4. It is crazy isn't it! I am sorry you are dealing with all sorts of crazy housing issues. I hope you find something quirky and fun like you.


  5. I'm absolutely blown away by how crazy house prices have become; my sister moved back from the States and can't find an affordable house to buy. It took me 8 MONTHS to find a rental and it's tiny (and expensive) for her - I told her under NO circumstances is she to buy in this market. I remember back in the late 80s we had a HUGE housing bubble but it was mostly in Toronto - then it crashed - and I had several friends who ended up with mortgages that were worth WAY more than the actual house would sell for. I agree about COVID- but nations like ours and other misnamed "first" nations have ignored the countries without resources and this is what happens - D. and I predicted that a variant would come roaring out of the poorer nations by Xmas and here we are.


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