Monday, October 18, 2021

K I D S !!



I can't believe it's Monday again!!  

It was a good weekend.......... nothing terribly special - football games (yes we're football fans - CFL though) and relaxing... oh and some Christmas shopping (thank god for Amazon!)

The stars aligned and on Sunday afternoon Sir Steve took me into the bedroom for some adult play time........... There was a fair amount of breast slapping and pussy spanking........ and of course all the sounds associated with those activities.  

At one point - during the pussy spanking - I heard the dog whining.... WTF??!!  (she never pays any attention to our playing) I lifted my head to see her lying outside the bedroom door with her head cocked - her favourite toy at the ready - staring at us.  OMG I burst out laughing - Sir Steve sent her back to her bed in the living room and he laughed too........... we think she was feeling 'left out' and wanted to 'play' too.
KIDS!!  ugh

Anywayyyyyyyy after that lil interruption - play time continued leaving me glowing and Sir Steve grinning like the 'cat who swallowed the canary'.

I made a platter of Asian pastries for supper and we munched away while watching the TV shows we tape during the week (the ones that come on after our bedtime)

our dinner



  1. Love it! It always made me a little uncomfortable when we would be playing and I'd look over to see the cat sitting on the dresser with a decidedly disapproving look.

  2. *smiling* hooray for some play time. The dog made me giggle. Aren't our furry friends great lol. As PK said, we often had interruptions from the cats. They would often be on the bed at the beginning then would quickly jump off and leave the room with a disapproving look lol



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