Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Just a Quickie



 Friday night - I was exhausted and fell into bed craving sleep.  BUT Sir Steve had  other plans...... 

His nails were long (ugh - don't come near me with those claws!) and he started to tease me - running them up and down my body - digging in slightly - feeling my body respond........  

My body was aching - twitching - making me squirm.  I knew it was gonna be a joint venture to give me release... my fingers hesitantly moved down to my jewelry - rubbing twisting pulling and playing......... 

Sir Steve's fingers continued their scratchy teasing

My fingers slid into the moistness and my body started to arch and the moans escaped

Sir Steve sensed (knew?) I was gonna need a little help - something a bit more than scratches - his hand found my throat - and fingers tightened around it... 

The pulse pounded

My fingers moved quickly 

My back arched 

and finally release........ sweet release............ 

then soft sleep 


  1. Ooh, lucky you. Very nice :)


  2. Long fingernails. Isn't that a bit like natural knife play?


    1. LOL more like a whole lot like natural knife play Prefectdt LOL


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