Saturday, October 09, 2021

Holiday Weekend


 This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada - 3 day weekend and company coming! Eldest daughter and SIL are coming for the holiday.

Being me I have spent this week cleaning and polishing - oh yeah and finding the company linens.  Couldn't for the life of me remember where I had stored the sheets and comforters etc ... then at 2 the other morning I woke up and remembered it was under the guest bed.  OH and shopping ..... I have so much food!!  never mind a turkey defrosting in the fridge there's all the food for the other meals.  Once / twice a year I wish I had a bigger fridge........ ahh well ... 

I decided that I was not going to make the traditional pumpkin pies....... I'm not a big fan and seeing as I am the chief cook and bottle wash around here I decided to make a pumpkin cake.  I also had the brilliant idea to decorate the cake to look like a pumpkin.  I have a bundt pan so how difficult could it be??!! 


First off I've never made pumpkin cake before and it was SO moist it was falling apart when I took it out of the pan.  Second the hole in the middle of the bundt pan was huge! so I had to stuff the hole with tin foil and then use the bits of cake I cut off the bottom so it would sit flat on the plate to cover the tin foil.
Then I tried to ice this mess of pieced together cake. 

It's amazing what a load of icing do.......... 

It's not exactly like the pictures I saw online - and it wouldn't win any cake decorating prizes........ but I'm sure it will taste just fine.

Thanksgiving weekend and company coming.......... pass the wine!


  1. That's beautiful! You did a great job. I won't even try to decorate, but I'd like the receipt for the cake if you'll share.

  2. The cake looks awesome! Happy Thanksgiving Morningstar, hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating with family.


  3. I lover the cake and it looks splendid. You did a fine job, and everyone will enjoy it.



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