Friday, October 15, 2021

Life's Ups and Downs



Don't we all have a plan for how life should go???  And seldom does that plan include a road filled with ups and downs........ we prefer straight on till tomorrow no???

We've had a couple of rough years around here......... it started with covid doing a number on my anxiety........ and it moved on to Sir Steve's health issues.  Joy oh Joy!  Not much 'fun' going on here with the bumps in the road - let me tell you.

But about a month ago Sir Steve finally got an appointment with a specialist...... She recommended another specialist and some new meds.  Sir Steve started the new meds last Thursday.  It came with side effects - and he managed to develop them ALL !  BUT within 48 hours he was moving easier with a whole lot less pain YAY!!! so he decided to stick out the meds and pray the side effects disappeared.  They didn't.

It was an awful weekend - poor Sir Steve pushed through it all so that we could have our Thanksgiving celebration with eldest daughter and SIL.  By Monday I suggested he stop the damn pills.... it just wasn't worth it..... and to call the doc on Tuesday when her office opened. By Tuesday night almost all the pain was back - on top of the side effects.  

By Wednesday the side effects were gone - and the pain was back full on.

On Wednesday night he started some new pills.  I held my breath.  By this morning - no side effects (at least not that he's told me) and the pain is easing.   

I'm thinking when things are running smoothly we need to cram all the good stuff in ......... enough to tide us over till the next smooth running ya know??? Cause life consists of ups and downs - sometimes more downs than ups.  But as my grandmother always use to say "This too shall pass" 


  1. Sometimes the pills don't do what they should. I hope that the new meds keep doing the job


  2. Hi Morningstar, poor Sir Steve! How awful dealing with both pain and side effects. Sending positive thoughts that the new meds continue to help without the side effects.



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