Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Mean" Girls


When I was teaching I came across the term "mean" girls......... basically they are bullies who try to destroy another child's self esteem.  

Yesterday when the lil one got home she wasn't her usual bouncy self and definitely not very talkative.  I tried ...... her father tried...... to get her to talk about what was going on.  We both kinda assumed she hadn't finished work at school or hadn't done well on some math work...... the usual.  But she wouldn't open up.

This morning while she was eating breakfast she opened up to me..............
Apparently one girl in her class made fun of her nails...... they were a bit long granted but still??!!  And then when the teacher put her math work up on the smart board to show everyone how to do a math problem (WOW colour me surprised!!) this girl made another comment and got her friends to join in......... the lil one was so upset by the comments she didn't even see how special it was to have her math work displayed!

Mama Bear came out!!  grrrrrrr I wanted to slap this mean girl!!  Instead I tried to give our lil one tools to deal with this kind of behaviour.  I explained she will always come across 'mean girls' her whole life and best to learn how to deal with it now!  AND then I cut her nails.  AND then I praised her for the math work! 




  1. There are too many of these soul destroyers in this world. Amongst children and adults. They are the people who need a good slapping down


  2. Argh! Bullies in both childhood and as adults are always there and hard to deal with. They definitely need a taste of their own medicine.

    I'm glad the lil one did open up to you. You handled that so well. Though as a teacher I guess you are used to kicking bully ass lol



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