Friday, October 22, 2021

Don't Hate Me



By now everyone knows how much I love Christmas......... and how early I start planning and plotting the holidays.  This year is no exception.

I start pestering my family for their Christmas Wish lists in September. This year they ALL cooperated and I had my shopping list completed by the beginning of October.  YAY!!  I'm still shopping on line - mostly at Amazon.  (Truthfully I'm not sure I'll ever go back to shopping in the stores - even after covid is under control) I have ordered everyone's gifts..... and thank goodness I have! cause more than half of my orders are gonna take 4 - 6 weeks to get here.  I wonder if it is this supply chain problem we keep hearing about.   

This supply chain disruption is worrying....... not just for Christmas but everyday shortages worry me too.  So far I haven't had any troubles with my groceries or other necessities but it is a little worrying ya know.  I've made a list of the baking I want to do and a list of the supplies I need to do this baking.  Why I do that is simple...... I can now buy these ingredients as they go on sale (or as the case may be - as they are available) This makes it a little easier on the food budget.  

Lists are a HUGE part of my Christmas planning........ I love my lists!!  Thought I'd share this list of to do's......



  1. I'm not as far ahead as you are, but I do like to start early and I do love my list. I do wonder what we won't be able to get with the supply lines so messed up. I look around and ask, "Now what do I HAVE to have to function?" Things like light bulbs, pet food, basic cooking ingredients, and yes, toilet paper. Just making the list is interesting.

  2. I don't start my present shopping until 1st December, but may start earlier this year. Yes It is the supply chain. I put up a post this morning. I'm running out of canes and not sure when I will be able to order the sezes I want.


  3. It's way too soon for me Morningstar, must be so much less stressful being as organised as you though :) very good idea this year particularly with delays, shortages, supply issues etc. It is definitely a worry.

    Love your list:)


  4. They should move Christmas to February. It would brighten up the dullest month and give me a chance to be ready for it, for a change :)


  5. Ha! There was a 10/10 sale here and I decided to do all my Christmas shopping on Shein this year. I'm done. The parcel arrived today. And except for my boss (I intend to get him a whisky laced fruit cake which he loves!) and my mum (I have NO idea what to get for that woman!) I'm all done with Christmas shopping!

    BIKSS and I have decided not to do presents this year, mainly cos we always have headaches trying to sort out each other's presents, and have agreed we will take each other out to a romantic fancy dinner!


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