Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Challenge



We have now entered the season of 'birthdays'........ le sigh... at least one a month from September to May.  

Next month is my middle grandson's birthday.  He is very (and I do mean VERY ) into science.  On his birthday wish list was "indium" (and other metals and the element table and and and.... ) I decided to buy him the indium.  Can I say thank god for Amazon cause I had NO idea where to find indium.  Nor did I have any idea how much indium was gonna cost.  Fortunately I found some on Amazon in my price range........ 


When it arrived I nearly choked at the size - it looked like nothing...... you couldn't even see the engraving on it - colour me sad/frustrated.   

Because it was so small I was worried it would get lost ......... and figured I should find someway of displaying it that would keep it safe.   A shadow box seemed the logical idea. BUT I couldn't find a shadow box small enough - they all just seemed to accentuate how tiny the indium was.  

Back to Amazon - typed in "mini shadow box" and lo and behold I found one that I thought would work.  I read the comments and most of them were negative - complaining about how small it was.  Well well well!  too small sounded perfect to me so I ordered it.

It came last week and it was perfect!!!  I am so happy with the finished product - the indium is now safe from getting lost - and protected from dust and dirt and finger prints.  


YAY !  for Amazon.   


  1. I'll admit it, I had to Google Indium. Now guess who was the Biology student at school :)


    1. LOL
      apparently you can eat indium - why you would want to I don't know.... but that's what my grandson told me... I was an English student definitely not math or science

  2. Wow Morningstar, the finished product looks awesome! Your grandson will be over the moon. Well done:)


  3. How sweet! IS he collecting all the elements in the periodic table?



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