Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Food Fairy



 Once upon a time I had a cat who was food obsessed.  I could not leave food out all day cause he would eat the day's food in less than 5 minutes.  So I put him on a feeding schedule - first thing in the morning and then dinner time.  BUT he would always go back to check his bowl and I would joke that he was hoping the food fairy had made a delivery.

Over the years since, I have used the term 'food fairy' from time to time.  I got pissy this morning when the lil one decided she wanted peanut butter on her toast ..... I had told Sir Steve that I was going to make a new peanut butter recipe today.  He did look up at me when he grabbed the jar and did ask "how much do you need?" I got a little pissy - and said at least 1 cup - knowing full well there wasn't much more than 1 cup in the jar.  Usually we have 2 jars of peanut butter - the Kraft one and the all natural one.  Apparently Sir Steve had finished the all natural one and didn't think to tell me (I do the groceries) He just went ahead and made her her peanut butter toast.  GRRRRR 

It really bugs me - always has - that there is no thought to food until it isn't in the house.  No one says "we're almost out of A B or C" they just expect the food fairy to know and replace it.  I often make meals planning a second meal based on leftovers...... but Sir Steve would often pack some of the leftovers for lunch and there went my planned meal... cause ya know the 'food fairy' will just magically make meals appear.  (I am now making it clear which leftovers I need)  It really frustrates me - meal planning and grocery shopping.  Everyone loves the variety of food and there always being food in the cupboard.  

BUT anyone else struggling with the high cost of food these days??? Anyone else trying to stick to a food budget?? This food fairy is feeling stressed and discouraged.


  1. I have noticed food prices rising lately. It is not a problem for me right now, but it will be if it carries on like this


  2. I'd be happy for a food fairy. But Nick and I do okay we both shop and kinda know what we have. I'm glad I don't have a kid to add into the mix.

  3. I would love to have a food fairy here! It's not an easy job, especially when others don't tell you when things are about to run out.

    I don't know if it's just me or not, but grocery shopping seems to be getting more and more expensive.


  4. Grr, that kind of thing gets my goat too! We've still got two kids here and neither one of them thinks to let me know we're out of food until the picky eater can't find something to eat. I go look to see what's available and start pulling empties out of the fridge and cupboard. It "looks" like there's food... but turns out it was all just illusion. I get so angry. Just throw it out already! And let me know we need something. Don't complain when grocery shopping is over, the money's spent, and there's nothing you want to eat. And with food prices skyrocketing... what's a person to do? We can't afford half of what we could a year or two ago.

  5. I keep a shopping list in the kitchen and we both add to it when we run out, or when something comes to mind. I'd hate to have to struggle with feeding a child, picky or not.

    Food prices are going up! Even at Bulk Barn, the prices seem higher every time I shop there. But we need our licorice, chocolates and cashews!



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