Monday, October 04, 2021

Preferred Time?

(this post may be a bit TMI)



So let me ask you - for 'adult time' or play time - do you have a preferred time of day?? 

I know I do - during the day....... morning or afternoon... but sex/play just before bedtime?? not so much.  You'd think that would be the preferred time - cause you can roll over and go straight to sleep right?? But my energy levels start to decrease drastically after lunch.... want me bouncing and energetic?? then morning is the right time.   

Yesterday Sir Steve surprised me - he told me 30 minutes then bedroom - mid afternoon!!  I was thrilled.

Now - because of health issues... and just being too busy - we haven't had any adult time for at least 3 weeks.  I have this cycle when we go without for any length of time... at first I am craving it.... (even finding time to pull out my toys and take care of business by myself) ........ BUT after a prolonged period of time I lose interest in even that...... and feel like I could go the rest of my life celibate.  So let me tell you - after 3 weeks I had no urges and absolutely no desire.

BUT my brain plays a huge role in sexual fun time....... even though I couldn't 'see' myself having sex - I could see the bonding that sexual activity brings...... that physical feeling of love.

Anywayyyyy - 30 minutes found me naked in the bedroom.....
I had some trouble focusing on the activity at hand (so to speak - pun intended) as my mind kept going back to Fondles post about having sore muscles the next morning.   3 weeks of celibacy had an effect on Sir Steve too - dear lord !!  He was aggressive and felt so much bigger (actually I swear he WAS bigger - I couldn't take my eyes off his cock!)  As my mouth was working it's magic on him - my mind went off again! to a post that I remember on "Under His Hand"  Kaya's master had threatened to have all her teeth pulled so that there was no chance of accidental nips....... I was musing on the differences between our two men  - Sir Steve reacts very positively to gentle nips (and not so gentle nips) so positively that sometimes I land up gagging..... and struggling to breath.  

I was musing and enjoying the pleasure I was giving when I was told firmly to roll over - and with no time to adjust my thinking Sir Steve was pounding into me.... those are the times I am glad I am a masochist let me tell you!! It was fast and hard and oh so satisfying!!

This morning my body is tender - sore muscles ? not so much - BUT my jaw muscles ache!!  (grinning)  Here's to NOT going 3 weeks any time soon ! 


  1. OH I think I definitely noticed some extra size in erm, the Roger department when we played too. I think that going WITHOUT for so long definitely does something to them.

    And i totally get the whole "if i've gone without for this long, i can go without forever" feeling. I get that way too, especially with the hormones dipping.

    I think (this may be TMI too) I was only keen on having a go that morning before BIKSS arrived because the thing about perimenopause is sometimes levels shoot up uncharacteristically instead!

    And wait till the evening.. maybe you'll have sore muscles then!

    (Thanks for the shoutout)

    1. Fondles - well I'm on the other side of the menopause thing... so no hormones - but my libido (if used frequently) is just as strong as ever!! I remember asking my doctor about that - cause I'd heard horror tales about NO libido after menopause.... she assured me that she knew a lot of women in their 80's and 90's who still had a healthy libido. Thankfully she was right about me :)

  2. For play time, my favourite is just after midday. Glad to hear that you had such a satisfying grown up happy time


  3. I prefer nocturnal playtime.

    I can definitely relate to the longer I go without the longer I 'can' go without and the perceived difference in size after a hiatus. Sore jaw lol


  4. I was just in the neighborhood and stopped by only to walk in on the TMI sharing! LOL Actually it wasn't TMI, I appreciate the honest post.

    My preferred playtime is morning actually. Up and extra alert and ready to go. Unfortunately, unless in an ongoing relationship that is hard to schedule.



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