Thursday, October 21, 2021

Social Media



Once upon a time - not that long ago actually - I was not on any social media.... didn't really even know about facebook!!

I think the first social media platform that I joined was Fetlife.... and that was because I happened to know John Baku and he asked me (believe it or not) if I would be interested in beta testing a new web site he was developing.  He specifically wanted me to check spelling/grammar and links.  I wasn't a huge user until much later when I realized the advantage of having a kinky website that listed all upcoming events.

Then my daughters suggested I join Facebook.  For one reason - to upload family photos.  Up to this point I had been emailing them the pics of family celebrations.  They pushed just hard enough to get me to sign up.  Back then the only people on my friend's list were my daughters.  

BUT it didn't take long before I was adding teachers I met or worked with - joining education groups - joining craft pages.  And then it became part of my morning routine to log on to Facebook.

Now I can say I am officially hooked on Facebook.  Not on Twitter or Instagram or any other social media site - I hardly visit Fetlife anymore.... but I do still check Facebook every morning with my coffee. 

One of my favourite groups on FB is "Sarcasm should be a language" usually gives me a good laugh..... and occasionally Sir Steve gets a chuckle when I share.

A couple of weeks ago - the cartoons they were sharing had a definite kink theme.  Imagine my surprise..... Facebook has always been what I consider a family rated site..... and yet here were these kinky offerings!!  I'm surprised they didn't get censored - from what I hear more and more folks are getting censored and being sent to "Facebook Jail" (whatever the hell that means) 

Thought I would share with you some of the ones that made me giggle....... 




 and last but not least.......... 



  1. LoL Morningstar, love these. Interesting how you came to join Fetlife!

    I have never been on any social media. My blog and blogland are my only vertial spaces (so to speak),

    Doing the job I'm doing at the moment working on covid restriction breaches makes me hate social media right now. All these idiots breaking restrictions then posting about it. Argh!


    1. There's no fixing 'stupid' is there Roz??!! don't envy you your job... I would come home so stressed!!

  2. Interesting beer ring bondage idea, I never thought of trying that


  3. I love these! I don't think FB minds if you're kinky/funny. Then again I don't know. I have a real me page and and PK Corey page for the books but I'm too old to want to learn the newer stuff Instagram or twitter.

  4. I love the last one. Why didn't I think of that.

    Never tried Facebook and I wouldn't want too. Too much personal info gets shared in the wrong way.



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