Saturday, October 23, 2021




There's something special about Fridays - even when you're retired.  All week I follow my schedule - cleaning/washing/messages - and cooking big dinners.  Fridays are quiet days - and Friday dinner is always light and nibbly.

Friday nights right now involve a platter of munchies and football games.  Sir Steve and I curl up in front of the TV with the munchies between us... and we both relax and unwind.  It kinda sets the tone for the weekend ya know?? and I love it!!

Last night we had sausage rolls and chips...... and an amazing football game.  (when football season ends we generally watch movies)



Today we're taking it slow before we head off to Quebec to have the first of 3 birthday celebrations for me...... (for someone who HATES her own birthday - having 3 celebrations this year is pushing the limit!! ) 

I LOVE Fridays! 


  1. Happy Birthday Morningstar! I hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the celebrations. Your Friday nights sound awesome. A great way to start the weekend:)


  2. Know what you mean about birthdays. Luckily, I am usually on my own for mine and can ignore it



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