Friday, May 07, 2021

Let me ask you this..........


 So let me ask you this....... 

do you have any 'spanking equipment'?? I don't mean paddles, crops etc I mean furniture to spank over....... like a spanking bench - or a St Andrews cross.  

At one point -  when I was in Montreal and had a 'dungeon' downstairs - I had a St Andrew's cross

a spanking bench


oh and a ' pony'


They made for some great parties....... let me tell you !!  (fond memories of my New Year's Day parties)

All of this came to mind because - believe it or not - THIS came across my feed on Facebook.



So - yeah! - tell me - would you buy this second hand 'bedroom furniture'??  When I showed it to Sir Steve - he said "IF I saw THAT from one of our neighbours....... I'd go shake his hand"  (grinning)


  1. How funny that came across your FB, love Sir Steve's reaction lol. Boring answer I'm afraid. We don't have any furniture.


  2. We don't have any of that kind of furniture, although a spanking bench is on my bucket list.

    If I saw that on the curb on "giveaway day" I would want to get to know the neighbours better.


  3. No interesting furniture her either - but I have designed some great things in my head. Maybe that could be a third career. I can design the furniture and Nick can make it. You could be our first customer!

  4. I would ask the neighbours why they were selling such a wonderful piece of kit. Did they replace it with something even more fun? :)



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