Saturday, May 15, 2021

Ready .......... Set.......... ?????



So... with the weather warming up ... almost summer like... our minds turn to camping.  BUT as you all know - thanks to covid we're not actually allowed to camp - unless we can camp for 14 days straight.  We can however go up every day to 'maintain' our property......... return home at night and go back the next day. How crazy is that??  I have been busy lobbying our Premier and our health unit (cause apparently our health unit can override the Premier) to loosen those restrictions.......... we promise to self isolate and not shop in town.

I had posted a 'thing' on FB about my frustrations with the restrictions..... and was contacted by a friend from the campsite who told me - our owners are not enforcing the new restrictions - apparently we CAN sleep over - as long as we don't announce it.  (mmmmmm is this considered announcing it??)  I know Sir Steve was frustrated last Monday cause someone he works with has a site at the same campgrounds and he told Sir Steve his family stayed up last weekend.... slept over! 

Soooooooo right now we're in a quandary.... do we ignore the restrictions and stay up - or do we continue to be 'goody two shoes' and come home every night?  This weekend - today - we're just gonna go up and open up the trailer....... and clean clean clean.... and set up.  It's a big job opening......... we leave bins and bins of dishes and miscellaneous equipment stacked in the lil one's room.  We have piles of linens to bring up.  


And bins of cleaning fluids/paper products/ and anything everything that won't survive the winter in the unheated trailer.

We'll come home tonite ............ we have some serious thinking to do cause next weekend is a long weekend - the official start to camping season/summer.  Do we stay or do we not?  After over a year of following the rules (all the while watching everyone else breaking them) do we rebel? 


  1. Go on, stay over. I know you want to, and it will make you feel a tiny bit naughty, then Sir S might have to deal with you :)


    1. LOL I like the way you think Hermione!! Not this weekend...... but next? who knows......

  2. Hi Morningstar, ugh, such a dilemma. The restrictions don't seem to make a lot of sense, being able to go to the campsite each day but not stay. But, as we know, it's those who break the rules that cause spikes in cases and keep Covid around. Then again, I dunno. Tough call.


    1. nodding I know what you mean about folks causing the spikes... the thing is we are more self isolating up there than at home believe it or not... living in a busy neighbourhood versus alone in the country - seems a no brainer actually

  3. It sounds like you'd be "safer" staying there rather than traipsing back and forth. I mean... what? If the owner isn't too concerned and there isn't a lot of chance of getting "caught", I'd probably stay.

  4. I say go for it. You've already said that you're planning to keep to yourself and do all you can to keep yourself and others safe. Yes, you've announced it here, but I really don't think any of us are going to turn you in. And if you feel guilty, take Hermione's advice and talk with Sir Steve.

  5. I await your decision with bated breath. What a cliffhanger post



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