Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Case of the Blahs.....


 Nothing seriously wrong around here... I've just got a case of the 'blahs'  More precisely a case of the 'blogger blahs'.  

It's not that there isn't anything going on around here.. or that I have the 'blahs' in my relationship with Sir Steve....... I just couldn't find the energy or the desire to write here.... and as time went on it got easier to not write... I asked myself 'does anyone really want to know what's going on around here? or care?'  

OH - there are the folks who block me on FB and other sites - but they pop in here regularly to check up on me... and that really pisses me off ya know?!  Act all hurt and high and mighty every where else... but sneak on here to read - to see what I'm doing...
(glaring at you !!  YOU know who YOU are!)  

We heard on Friday that our campgrounds will be opening on schedule on May 7th.  The screwy part is - if you are going to sleep there you have to quarantine for 14 days........... BUT you can come in for the day and do maintenance on your property and leave each night.  Does that make sense to anyone ?? 

Anyway............ just the thought of going back soon shook my lethargy and made me realize I have one helluva lot of stuff to get ready.  The first (and in my opinion the most important) are my tree lights.  Three years ago I wanted some way to light up the back part of our property with fairy lights......... BUT I didn't want it to look like Christmas.  So I bought some mason jars and glued jute twine to the tops ... put timed battery operated tea candles in them and hung them from the trees.

I loved them!!!  They do look so pretty - like fairies dancing in the trees..they come on every evening around 8 and go off around 1 AM. After 3 years the jars were looking a little grimy and the twine was less than pristine.  So we brought them home in September and I had every intention of stripping the twine off them -- washing them all -- and then gluing more twine on them ready for this summer.  I got busy this weekend and have almost of all them ready to go - just have 3 more to do.

The other thing we worked on last weekend and finished up this weekend was a part of our front yard.  We picked up river rock...... a pagoda and managed to find 'free' rocks on FB for pick up........ Fortunately the weekend was sunny so we got busy and got my zen like garden finished.

river rock going down...

  the pagoda 

 and it's done!


  1. Hi Morningstar, glad to see you here, I was a little worried. I always enjoy visiting here and reading what's been happening in your word.

    That is great news about the campsite, though the 'rules' don't seem to make much sense. The tree lights are pretty and the front lawn looks awesome:)


  2. Midwest Reader7:32 am

    Love your Japanese garden!

    PS I'm guess you put "free" in quotation marks because while you didn't pay the former owner you still had to shovel them off the ground into a truck and then off the truck back onto the ground. Easy work ;-)

    1. Actually we were very surprised... the homeowner had the wheel barrow all ready for us... he insisted on loading it and taking it to the car. (it was the big rocks we got for free)

      We were amazed by his generosity and helpfulness... there are good people in the world :)

  3. Envious that you had a sunny weekend. We had a sunny Sunday.

    Not sure I understand the campsite thing either. I think/hope they well open more outdoor activities after this lockdown but I think it might be better to wait until after the long weekend. Not that outdoor stuff is extremely dangerous, but because people's mindsets seem to change with lifted restrictions.

    I hear ya in the blogging blah front. Though haven't really experienced the Facebook thing with bloggers-despite some stupid rumours surrounding me..lol.

    Not sure I have any blogging desire left in me- I do have to go answer my comments which I have been neglecting.


    1. What I would like to do is go up the site and open it - clean up the mouse droppings... get things cleaned and ready ... I hate trying to do everything all at once when we want to stay overnight.. just seems so much to do at once. This way I won't stress as much.. I hope!

      I won't stop blogging... been doing it too long to quit now... but I do feel differently about it now for some reason.... and it really does bug me folks who block me everywhere but still come here to stalk me (for lack of a better term) I really do wish I could block individuals.

  4. first, the zen garden looks awesome. That quarantine rule just doesn't make sense to me. And the lights are so pretty!

    Also - i hear you on blocking people on blogger. I wish there was such a function LOL.

    1. thanks Fondles on the compliments - I've always wanted a zen type garden - I feel in love with them a few years ago when I saw one at a Botanical garden exhibit... it made my soul feel peaceful.

  5. I do understand the blahs - namely the blogging blahs. I get them too but I dare not stop, or I will stop.

    I don't understand your campground's reasoning, but whatever their hoops I think you'll be happy to be there. I like your zen garden, but I love the way the light look in the trees at the campground.

  6. MorningStar,
    It looks great! And the lights do not look like Christmas at all. They are lovely!

    You sure have gotten a lot done. Way more than I have. I love gardening, but the ground prep for it... I haven't been well enough to do it.

    What you have done looks really great and comforting.

    I don't know anybody in blog land or in real life (or both lol) who does not have the blahs in one form or another. Myself included.

    I'm glad you posted and checked in with us and gave us a lovely update on your landscaping.

    Sorry about anyone reading here that shouldn't be... it's human nature, but it is anger inducing. Hope they eventually go away. Windy

  7. The idea of getting back to camping sounds great but I just don't understand that quarantine rule. It makes no sense


  8. Your garden is lovely! I have always loved lights in mason jars. We got one for a gift many years ago and have kept it going. We now have a big glass wasp trap that houses a strand of 35 coloured twinkle lights (and no wasps).



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