Monday, May 17, 2021

A Cliff hanger?


Ok so on Saturday I posted (what I thought) was just a 'here's what we're doing' post BUT apparently Prefectdt decided I was teasing everyone with a cliff hanger!!  When I read his comment I burst out laughing... and thought to myself - 'if he was here I'd slap him!' (I'm kinda known to slap smart asses) 

Anyway......... I figured I had better put everyone (well at the very least Prefectdt) out of their misery ........ 

We went up to the campsite on Saturday and ugh! opening is not all that much fun - it involves cleaning months of dust and dirt ... disinfecting multiple surfaces (cause of the mice who take up residence during the winter) unpacking all the bins - sorting out where everything goes - making beds....... and that's just the inside work!!  Sir Steve helped out with the inside work - vacuuming all the mice droppings and the rugs/floors... and sorting out the water (we turn it off during the winter)

We finished up the inside work by late afternoon and fell into the car and drove back to the city exhausted!  AND we still had all the outside work to do............ 

NOTE; WE DID NOT STAY OVERNIGHT.............. but what will our final decision be?

Sunday morning we dragged our butts out of bed and headed back to the country.  Sir Steve brought his leaf blower... and he set about cutting the lawn and I used the leaf blower to get rid of all the leaves that blanketed our property.  Then Sir Steve dragged all the furniture out of the back shed - set up the fire pit area and the deck furniture. By mid afternoon we were done!!  Everything was ready for the camping season....... 

I've said it before and I'll say it again... our camping/trailer is really 'glamping' ...... or personally it's more cottage than trailer... after all we have central heat and air conditioning... two tv's .... full kitchen... full bathroom complete with shower.. 2 bedrooms.............come on - I'll give you a little tour......... 

Here's our deck .... the outdoor kitchen / eating area...


Our little reading corner.....

the front door..........


a quick view of the living area...  with a view of the lil one's bedroom

the kitchen ............

through the bathroom to our bedroom with the king size bed ........ 


And this is what we call home for the summer................. 

NOW the big question is .... are we gonna disobey the regulations and stay for weekends (until the end of school - when we can and will move up) 

Sir Steve toyed with asking the owners IF we could stay overnight on weekends only -- but we discussed it.......... AND our guess is the owners HAVE to toe the party line.  What's that expression "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission"?


What are we gonna do??



Next weekend we are going to 

S T A Y  !!! 


  1. It's beautiful! Glad you're planning to stay and I'm guessing you're exactly right about not asking permission. Now I might have to pull a longer chair, a lounge chair over to the reading area, you know for when I need to rest my eyes and stretch out. I think you'll have a great summer.

  2. Please feel free to slap away, there you have my consent now :). I'm not sure if you two are the naughty ones for breaking the rule or it is the naughty authority for making such a dumb rule. Either way I hope that you enjoy your brat camping


    1. Wellllllllllllll I DO brat very well Prefectdt!! Today our Premier seems to be back pedalling - saying now that kids summer camps will open - recreational areas will open even before the stay at home order is lifted...
      I don't feel quite so devilish about camping on weekends now...

      AND trust me Prefectdt - we will enjoy our summer at the camp. I hope you can get away camping this summer too :)

  3. What a great set-up yohh have. Beautiful, a real home away from home. Glad the work is done and you are now ready for the season.

    Glad too that you decided to stay over, you have to be a rebel every now and then:)


  4. It's gorgeaous! and hurray for staying! What's life if you don't live a little eh?

  5. I love it, thanks for sharing the photos.

    I think I'd do the same and stay. Enjoy your time.



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