Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A M A Z I N G !!


There is only one word to describe our weekend

 A M A Z I N G !!

(even though I have now used the word 3x)
from the weather which had forecasted showers for both Saturday and Sunday and never actually materialized to getting a lot accomplished - eating great barbecue and having relaxing evening fires...... to EVERYTHING!

All the 'hard' work was done last weekend - the cleaning and sorting and unpacking......but this weekend we put the decorative touches on our country life ... 

starting with some new landscaping.  We had had planter boxes beside our deck with annuals for the last couple of years...... the only problem with that was 1) annuals cost so much money!  2) we never really got to enjoy them cause we sit on the deck 3) and last year they all died by the beginning of August.  This year Sir Steve decided to take down the planter boxes (more than half them came apart this winter anyway) put in flower beds and plant bushes.  


We picked up spirea bushes cause they are 'winter' hardy and grow quickly and have beautiful white flowers in the spring ...........


and one lilac bush/tree 



The first year I camped with Sir Steve I put in a fairy garden... each year I have added a couple of new fairies... this year was no different... 

my old door to the fairy garden kinda died last year ............ 


so I got a new one.....


then I added a baby dragon (in honour of Sir Steve - he loves dragons)


and a new baby fairy.........

overall view of the garden.......... 


on Sunday afternoon Sir Steve gave me THAT look and said 'bedroom'.......
do you know the expression "if the trailer's rockin' don't come a knockin' ?? welllll let's just say our trailer was rockin'.............. 

Now we're back in the city - back to work and home schooling......... but in just 4 days we'll be back in the country ...........



  1. Ahh, the little dragon is adorable! It all looks so wonderful. What a great way to spend the weekend. The rain held off here too, but it was chilly.
    And as much as I miss the tents of my childhood, I agree that glamping is the way to go now. I have far too many ouchy bones to want to sleep on the ground.

    1. Penelope - when Sir Steve and I got together - again - he was telling me about camping every summer.. I said that could be a deal breaker I am too damn old to camp ...... he then took me up to the campgrounds and introduced me to his idea of camping........ LOL... and as the expression goes......... 'we lived happily ever after'

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful time. And I love your little garden. I have been working hard outside in between migraines. Maybe I'll post a thing or two because I am not usually that creative outdoors, but something got a hold of me this year. LOL Windy

    1. (grinning) something got a hold of you eh??!! LOL
      I'd love to see pictures of your hard work....

      sorry to hear about your migraine :( my eldest suffers from them and it's not fun!

  3. That sounds like some weekend! I think the bushes are going to look great around the deck and I love the new fairy door. I've planted mostly in pots this summer - I'll rotate them around to give them a break from full sun some days.

  4. I think that your Spireas there might be different varieties to the ones that we have here, ours usually flower in early June. If they are otherwise the same, try dead heading the flowers as soon as they start to die off. When we do that here, the Spireas will usually produce a second flowering in July. It might be worth a try with yours.


    1. wow 2nd blooming?! I had bridal spirea in Montreal they never bloomed twice but then I didn't dead head them either.. thanks for the hint Prefectdt.. we'll try it next year (cause there aren't any buds/blooms on them )

  5. Wow Morningstar, so glad you had such a wonderful weekend:) absolutely love the fairy garden.


  6. I love your fairy garden. There's a tree stump on a neighbour's lawn that has a fairy door, but not as cute as yours.


  7. I love your weekend. I am happy you got to "relax" even while rockin!



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