Saturday, May 22, 2021

Rebel No More


 This weekend is supposed to be the start of camping - remember my "cliff hanger" post ?? Well we made the rebellious decision to defy the rules and regulations and camp this holiday weekend.  

Ohhhhhhh it felt wickedly evil.... going against the establishment.  Haven't done that since university.  I have been busy this week planning meals - shopping for the meals - organising what food staples to take up .... planning planning planning.  I even picked up a couple of additions for my fairy garden (more on that another day)  I was even getting a little bit excited.

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions re the pandemic........ our numbers were dropping... then ooooooops they went back up again... next day they're down a little bit.. up and down up and down........ UGH!  Then the government came out with a 'reopening plan' based on the vaccination numbers.  my reaction was WTF??? When we reach 60% with the first shot they will reopen outdoor activities - 70% vaccinated they'll open more stores and hair dressers (GOD I need a hair cut!!) My question is - what happens if we reach 69% and 31% refuse to get vaccinated???   I kept telling myself - numbers don't matter come the end of June we move to the country regardless of the numbers... we will have a good summer.

THEN yesterday the government notified campgrounds telling them they can open for seasonal campers .......... and we can have a maximum of 5 people gathering on one site.  WHAT???!!  WAIT???!!  that means I won't be defying the rules and regulations ....... I won't be a REBEL !!!!

I'm not sure if I should pout or do a little dance of joy.................... but whatever I decide to do I'll be doing it in the country!!


  1. Wow... way to suck the enjoyment out of being a rebel. Leave it to the Ontario government...
    I'm happy for you that you'll be off camping for the summer though! I spent my childhood summers in tents and campers and I miss it terribly. Hubby's stupid job does not allow for fun.

    1. Truthfully if Sir Steve wanted me to camp in a tent I wouldn't be that thrilled - too old to be sleeping on the ground
      But we have a lovely park model with 2 bedrooms kitchen living area and full bathroom
      This is definitely "glamping"

  2. HURRAY! This is good no?

  3. In Belgium, the numbers of COVID-19 patients in ICU beds have to fall below 500, if we are to get new freedoms in June. Judging relaxations on how the health system is coping, sounds good to me but we will see how that goes.

    Enjoy your James Dean camping adventures :)


    1. LOL that's me 'rebel with a cause'
      Trust me Prefectdt I am thoroughly enjoying myself! May rebel when I have to return to the city tomorrow

  4. Hi Morningstar, wow, what a rollercoaster! It does feel good to be a rebel occassionally doesn't it? Glad you will be legitimately able to spend the summer at the campsite.


    1. Me too Roz !! We've benn here less than 24 hours and I am so relaxed!


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