Friday, May 14, 2021

New Style.... (sort of)



It almost feels like summer is here - the cold damp wet weather has taken it's leave and today is sunny and warm.  YAY!!  warm weather got me thinking about summer clothes.. I am changing up my style a little bit.... cause I have hope that we'll be able to move to the campsite eventually........... and camping means more casual - more funky fun clothes.

Last Fall I bought a couple of cute tshirts from an online shop that went out of business... this was my favourite tshirt ... and told Fondles a while back I would post a pic of it..

a couple of weeks ago I ordered a harem pant jumpsuit that I loved  and it got Sir Steve's seal of approval  -- so much so that I ordered a second one in a completely different colour / pattern........... 


and this morning I ordered a couple of summer tops that will go with my summer pants... for those trips to the city........ 


As well I ordered a couple of pairs of shorts for Sir Steve - what is it with men?? they just don't do clothes shopping do they??  Got these in navy blue and beige... 

so we're all set for the summer........ NOW if only our government would lift the lock down/stay at home order.........  


  1. I remember you all were able to go last summer, didn't you have the lock down/stay home order then? I like your new clothes and I hope you get to go.

  2. They lifted the lockdown in mid May last year and so we were able to go up .... and as home schooling was basically left to me we could home school from there. This year more of the work is done online and the internet speed up there is sporadic at best...
    I'm not terribly worried - as once school ends - we can move up for the summer - that is the prerequisite now - to live there for a minimum of 14 days.

  3. I'll have you know that I purchased a pair of denim Bermuda shorts, this very day. Men don't do shopping, HUMPH ;)


    1. LOL - ok 1 point for you Prefectdt

      BUT I still maintain any man I've been with didn't like shopping for themselves! with Sir Steve it's just easier to order what he needs for him... OH WAIT - does that make me a good subbie?? (cheeky devilish grin)

  4. Hi Morningstar, glad spring/summer is showing itself for you and hope the campsite opens soon. Love the clothes. The giraffe top, super cute!


  5. OH SO CUTE! the giraffe tee is adorbs!

    And harem jumpsuits? Do you have to take all of it off to pee? I don't think I could pull that off tho. It looks very summery and fun. As do the summer tops.

    And I think men DO shop. But only when they absolutely NEED something. No browsing for them. Or at least, not for clothes. BIKSS browses other things. Watches, tools, gadgets... but never clothes.


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