Friday, May 28, 2021

Just so You know......


It's Friday!!  I'm doing the happy dance....... cause once the lil one goes to her mother's and once Sir Steve finishes work we are off to the country.

I realized last weekend I didn't explain the weekend routine for May and June... we spend the weekends in the country.  Because it's only a couple of days I don't bring my laptop....... nor do we activate our internet.  

So......... I queue up posts for Saturday and Sunday - but because I am working off my phone and I get SO frustrated trying to type on my phone and working with limited data..... so I don't respond to comments BUT I do read them!!  and I don't leave comments on your blogs though I do read them!

You all have a good weekend - and I'll see you all on Monday ! 


  1. Have a wonderful weekend in the country Morningstar. I am so with you on trying to post or comment from the phone. So frustrating!


  2. I hope you and Sir Steve have some "fun"!!!


  3. Hope that the weather holds good for you



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