Monday, May 10, 2021

Not To Brag.........



I had the best weekend - and feel so very spoiled! 

It started Friday......... the lil one had been busy working on a top secret project during school Friday morning.... top secret - I mean we all knew what she was doing.. BUT what I didn't know was what happened next... before she left for her mother's she came to me and said ' I have an early Mother's day surprise for you' ...... and presented me with this card she made..............

 front of the card............

opening the card............

fully opened............. 

Part of me wanted to insist she give it to her Mom - but I didn't .. I accepted it gracefully and with a tear ..... cause - "MOM" ya know?!  

OK so then on Sunday morning bright and early Sir Steve and I were outside having our coffee when a car stopped and a woman got out carrying a floral arrangement.... I was so thrilled!!  it came from youngest daughter and her family.....


Then later in the afternoon there was a knock at the door and eldest daughter and SIL were standing there with presents for 'mom'.  They had been at the campsite opening their trailer and dropped by here to give me orchid .... a gorgeous homemade sign for the trailer

AND H. U. G. S. !!!

Sir Steve did his bit too to make the weekend special/fun.... we went for a drive in the country to shop at a Scottish bakery where we bought steak and kidney pies/REAL sausage rolls/and Scottish meat pies....... picked up lunch from our favourite food truck on the way home... and .......... AND.......... play time last night!

Life is good when the family makes you feel appreciated .. and special !


  1. That card is so sweet! Beautiful job. I'm so glad you decided to accept it. Not only would it have probably hurt the girl's heart, the card should to the woman who wears the hat! Happy you had a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Penelope - I tend to still worry that the lil one is getting closer to me than her mother - worry about hurt feelings... BUT then I realize that the lil one is free to give her gifts to whomever she wishes and if she feels I have earned the title 'mom' then so be it...

  3. Steak and Kidney Pies! I'm jealous :)


  4. I'm hoping they're as good as they look Prefectdt... We're gonna have one on Wednesday I'll let you know :)

  5. If it were me, I think I'd brag. I'd say that was a pretty good all around Mother's Day. You should feel proud.

  6. Aww, sounds like you had the most wonderful Mother's Day weekend Morningstar:) The flowers are beautiful and the card from the lil one is so lovely, and beautifully made. She really does have artistic talent.


  7. Isn't it wonderful when what seems like a "meh" day turns out to be so delightful? Glad you had so many bright moments this mother's day!


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