Wednesday, May 26, 2021




So I decided to go shopping this morning for toys....... OMG no not sex toys... really people!!! 

oh wait - this is an adult BDSM blog - ok - let your minds go to sex toys... unfortunately though I meant regular toys - the kind that keep 8 year olds amused.... 

It's kind of a tradition now... every June when school finishes I give her a 'camp basket' filled with new toys / games to help fill the long summer days.  (and to add to the toys she brings from home)

In past years she gets a new 'journal' cause the teacher in me insists she write a daily journal the weeks she's with me.  Now for those of you thinking I'm expecting too much ... I found her reading last year's journal this week.... she commented how it's fun to read the journals from past summers.  The basket has also held - jig saw puzzles, bubbles, slime, art materials, play doh, pool toys and sand toys.   

This year I'm looking for age appropriate/interest appropriate toys.... she's kinda outgrown dolls (most of the time) and I'm thinking play doh may be a thing of the past.. so it has been a bit of a challenge.  I have more or less settled on........ a kit to make her own slime...... a scavenger hunt game that is a STEM toy (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) there are about 40 different cards of items to find, a bag to collect them, and then when you have found everything you are encouraged to use your imagination to create something with the items.  There will be the usual art materials, and books (always books!)  and eldest daughter always gives her a couple of neat books at the end of June - her summer reading. I have already bought the new Harry Potter lego kit (the herbology one) and some pool toys.  So she's pretty much taken care of....


this year I decided to purchase some games for the adults.  I LOVE playing board games... and card games.  In past summers Sir Steve and I have pretty much gone along with the games eldest daughter and SIL bring.  BUT I wanted some new games - games that interest me...  some games Sir Steve and I can play on a hot steamy afternoon (or rainy afternoon). 

So far I have found our crib board and Yahtzee.......... I have decided to buy backgammon (have you purchased backgammon recently??!!  do you know how expensive it is??!!) I have opted for one that is also a checkers game (would work with the 8 year old), chess game, as well as backgammon.  The big purchase (and god I hope I don't regret it) I am buying a croquet set.  As a kid I remember playing with my parents in our backyard - I LOVED it!!  We're lucky enough to have a fair amount of space beside our trailer so we will be able to set up croquet for some rip roaring good family competitions (I hope family!)  

and to be honest I did look at sex toys.  Did you know Amazon sells sex toys?!!  But truthfully Sir Steve is all the sex toy I need (or can handle - cheeky grin)

I'm so anxious for the end of June and the move to the country!!  and fun family times. 


  1. I was really looking forward to seeing your collection of camping sex toys, but this is interesting too. I remember croquet with my cousins. Such fun. I just ordered myself some silly putty - I still love playing with it, it soothes me. As for Amazon, YES I did know that they sell sex toys.

  2. June, croquet and hopefully some good weather. Life could be good then


    1. Life could be almost perfect then Prefectdt..

  3. I was totally expecting to read about sex toys lol. I love your idea of the toy basket for the lil one's summer camping. I played croquet at a friend's once and loved it. Hmm, I must try to arrange to play again.


  4. LOL. Me too, I was expecting you to show off some of the sex toys you bought. I love that you bought a croquet set.

    You all are going to same a wonder time.


  5. Waiting so patiently for the end of June. I love all the games you mentioned....such fun.


    1. oh lord Boo - I'm not the least bit patient waiting for end of June.... it can NOT get here soon enough !


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