Saturday, May 08, 2021

Another Mother's Day


 Tomorrow is Mother's Day - again.  The second one in the pandemic.  Normally I don't want to know from Mother's Day - it's commercial and all that ........ was brought up to believe there shouldn't have to be one day to celebrate Mother or Father ........ but this year I wish more than I have ever wished before that we could all gather for Mother's Day - I wish I could hug my daughters.  I wish we could all gather around the dining room table and feast on pancakes and sausages and eggs and cinnamon rolls...... a huge brunch celebration like we used to ....... back in the days when I would go grudgingly ........ cause well Mother's Day is commercial and all that 

Mother's day used to signal the end of family celebrations for that year........ you see we have birthdays in Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March and April.   Then of course in there we also have Christmas and Easter..... so Mother's Day signalled the end of family get togethers / celebrations.

What a difference a year makes - or in this case - what a difference a pandemic makes.  I am missing these family celebrations......... missing the noise and the crowds of people... missing the kids and the hugs....... 

When this is finally over and we can go back to family celebrations I hope I never forget how it felt to be separated from my children..... from the family.... and never EVER complain again about another road trip for yet another celebration.


  1. Hi Morningstar, I Agree there shouldn't be one day a year to honour your parents and that these days are commercial. However, they are also a time for family to connect and celebrate and when you can't that is so hard.

    I think a big lesson for all of us out of this pandemic is to embrace and cherish time with loved ones.


  2. It's a little strange but I mostly lost interest in Mother's Day when we lost my mother. My kids always acknowledge it and I appreciate it, but it's just not a big deal in my mind. I get to see my daughter nearly weekly and with luck my son twice a year. Every time I see either of them it's special to me.

  3. see that's what I'm talking about - folks shouldn't need one day....... BUT over this pandemic I haven't seen my girls very often - especially my youngest - and I am missing her/them... missing the family celebrations no matter how noisy and frantic they were...

  4. Christmas is the only big family gathering that I get to attend. Missed that so much this year. I think that when this is all over we will all appreciate gatherings a whole lot more


  5. This is the quietest mother's day i've ever had. Which isn't a bad thing considering the mood i'm in. the sister sent over some mother's day themed jelly things in the morning and the brother came over to entertain the mother leaving me with some time to hide in my cave. for that i'm very thankful.


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