Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Half Way



Today is Wednesday - which means we are half way through Spring Break. 

I feel guilty admitting how much I have enjoyed this break..... especially the quiet... there is no one  around - ALL DAY - no talking... no noise..... I LOVE
IT !!  I miss the peace and quiet more than anything I think.

I have been doing small jobs (for the most part) that kinda get forgotten.... Monday I got my car washed...... one of those drive through - no touch - no people places.   

 now my 'pumpkin' looks wonderful - ready for spring !!! 

Today my goal is to descale our coffee maker...... I don't remember the last time I did that... BUT my coffee tasted like sh*t this morning - so it's definitely due (grinning)

and the last half of this Spring break is unscheduled and that is a very good thing!! 


just a little update on my vaccination reactions...... I am amazed at how few reactions I had...... I had no swelling at the injection site...   usually my arm swells up till it feels like the skin is going to split........ absolutely no swelling this time! I did have a weird afternoon - I felt out of sorts - not like myself... the smallest task left me exhausted ... and my arm hurt!  Fondles - I did move it around right after the shot and didn't favour it - but OMG it hurt... still hurts.  But that's a small price to pay !  I crawled into bed and slept like a log all night - ALL NIGHT!  I joked with Sir Steve that I want a shot every day if I am gonna sleep that well !!!

Life is good when peace and quiet returns - even if it's just for a week 


  1. Morningstar,

    I was just thinking it was time to descale the kettle and coffee maker. It is warm enough to plug in outside and let it do it's thing a couple of times.

    I am glad there was miniscule reactions. That is good.

    Now, hopefully you can enjoy the final few days of quiet.


    1. ok dumb question here - why do it outside??

      You have yours this weekend eh?? won't it be such a relief to be immunized even half way !! take care of yourself and enjoy your week off :) :)

    2. Not a dumb question...haven't you heard? There are no dumb questions!

      We do it outside because we run vinegar through them. That takes care of the build up. However, it stinks to high heaven. So we got smart a while ago and put them outside, plugged them in, and let them run. Then....we use the hot vinegar water and pour it on the areas we don't want growth...usually the interlocking on the driveway.

  2. I was the same - my arm was much more sore than when I'd get a flu shot, but who cares. So glad to have it. I'm so glad you're enjoying spring break. That's my normal day - alone, quiet, peaceful and I do appreciate every minute of it.

  3. That sounds like a great week so far! I miss being alone. Sigh. Oh well. I can live vicariously through you!
    So, no punching B in the arm on Friday then? Lol


    1. ahhhhhh I'm guessing B is home till Friday??? and no I don't suggest punching him in the arm - unless you have an ulterior motive LOL

    2. He is off all week, but he gets his first shot on Friday

    3. ahhhhhhhhh now I get the Friday reference... LOL like I said wouldn't do it unless you have an ulterior motive - OR can run fast LOL

  4. Ahh, peace and quiet. Glad you are enjoying spring break Morningstar. So nice to have the days to yourself to do what you want to do.

    Glad too that you had no issues with the jab. Wow, if it's that good for sleep I'll have it daily too lol


  5. Arm ache for me for a few days and on the night of the jab, I was so cold, couldn't get warm no matter how many clothes I had on. Enjoy the rest of your break.


  6. Well, i like to think at least it wasn't MORE sore had you NOT moved it about. I didn't have any problems after my shots. Having said that, I think after my jab I went and did the grocery shopping for that week. LOL.

    After my second shot I did wake up the day after with slight soreness at the injection site, but it went away after an hour or so.

    Keep it cool with a wet towel every hour. But also, it's great that you had such a restful sleep!

    1. Fondles - I have a question for you - I have read that if you have a reaction to the shot that it means your body is building immunity.... does that mean if you don't have a reaction your body isn't building immunity?? (stupid question I know)

      I also think I didn't swell because this vaccine is not made with eggs - every other vaccine I have had is made in eggs or have eggs in them - I have an allergy to eggs (le sigh)

      AND I do believe your suggestion of moving the arm did work - cause again compared to other vaccines the pain this time was NOTHING!! so thank you :)

    2. Someone asked me the same thing recently... I got this off a website but I can't find the link right now... I've pasted my response to her here. I hope this reassures you :)

      "When the vaccines first started to roll out, the public was concerned about side effects — which led medical and public health leaders to help people understand this was the body’s natural response to vaccination, said Brian Castrucci, an epidemiologist and president of the public health nonprofit de Beaumont Foundation.

      But the public health messaging often didn’t address what a lack of side effects meant.

      “Messaging didn’t address those who didn’t have side effects, leading some to wonder if they were also protected,” Castrucci said.

      Even though side effects like muscle aches, fever, or fatigue are signs the immune system is working, a lack of side effects doesn’t mean the shot isn’t working.

      In the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials, a significant portion of participants didn’t experience any side effects, yet they were still highly protected against the coronavirus.

      “When you look at the trial data, a little more than half of the participants didn’t have any side effects but they were still more than 90 percent protected after receiving the vaccine,” Castrucci said.

      More inclusive messaging would have noted that everyone in the trials, regardless of whether they had side effects or not, achieved more than 90 percent protection from the shots.

      “Some people will have side effects, but lots won’t,” Castrucci said. “Either way, just like the trial participants, you can expect to be protected from the virus.”

    3. There is also THIS LINK HERE.

      Basically the side effects are "inflammatory" reactions, not IMMUNITY indicators.


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