Friday, April 23, 2021

Challenge Done


Christmas 2019 - my youngest daughter gave the lil one the Lego Tree House....


I shuddered... cause I do NOT do jig saw puzzles and Lego is just a giant 3D jig saw puzzle.

This was pre covid and I was helping out a neighbour by babysitting her youngest after school.  BRILLIANT - he loved Lego soooooooooo I'd get the two kids working on making the Tree House.  After an hour they both gave up.  I looked at the directions and promptly found a bin to put the whole thing into.. and shoved it on the lil one's toy shelves.  Her father could do it with her.

Then covid...... and home schooling and I needed manipulatives for math lessons... the Tree House Lego made for great manipulatives.  Then a snowy afternoon and the lil one had pulled the Lego out to play with.  She has spent the last year or so having fun building everything from cars that drive themselves to imagination inspired buildings - but no Tree House.

And so it went ...........


Yesterday I checked on the lil one playing in her bedroom.  She was lying on the floor with the directions for the Tree House propped up in front of her and all the Lego pieces neatly laid out in front of her.  

The whole afternoon passed with the lil one intently working in her bedroom.  Then there was a triumph " S......... " and I looked up to see her coming into the living room carrying the Tree House.  "I DID IT!" she exclaimed.

And she had!

                                                               The front.......

the inside........... 

The best part - as I was taking it all in - she said "I'm so proud of myself" ...

I'm proud too - of her taking pride in a job well done!  and yeah - proud of her Tree House construction too !


  1. Bravo, li'l one! My grandson, who is challenged in soem ways, can put his Lego toys together without any help.

    Umm, manipulatives? We didn't have those when I learned math. Are they like times tables?


    1. Hermione I didn't learn math with manipulatives either - though I wish they had had them....I did however have them in my classroom - mine were small rubber teddy bears of different colours. They are good for all aspects of math - but easiest to explain - 2+2 - so you take 2 teddy bears and put them in a group - then another 2 in another group then count them all .. 2+2=4. They helped the lil one 'SEE' the math.

  2. The tree house looks awesome, and I must say complex to build. Well done to lil one. She should be ptoud, that made me smile:)


    1. Sir Steve and I have been working so hard with the lil one to teach her to strive for HER best... and to be proud when she achieves it... so it was heart warming to hear her declare "I'm proud of myself"

  3. I'm impress! In my mind that is education at it's finest. The ability to read and follow instruction means that there is little in this world she won't be able to do when she's ready!

  4. That is truly a FANTASTIC moment! Those words! She will carry it with her forever!



  5. This is such an amazing post!
    Lego is such a wonderful 'toy' - for many. It can allow the creative juices to flow, and build such confidence as it did in your little one's case

    We have hundreds of dollars worth ( probably over 1000) of Lego and K'nex in our house. Our middle son ( the one I told you about after your little ones drawing post)spent hours upon hours doing them.Thankfully all on his own! I just sorted the pieces into piles if I felt like being involved. Lol. In fact I just put his Lego House away a couple of months ago...he's 21! Lol.

    I am actually feeling nostalgic now- I shall jolt myself out of it by remembering what it's like to step on a piece or to have to fish one out of the vacuum cleaner bag! Lol

    1. willie - you fished them out of the vacuum??? When my girls were little - I would warn them - 'if any lego is left on the floor and gets vacuumed up - too bad so sad!' I was a terrible mother............ LOL

    2. It depended on the piece. Friggin Lego is worth its weight in gold! So not a good mother, just a cheap one! Also it wasn't his fault. His little brother sometimes joined in lol



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