Thursday, April 22, 2021

I'm Weird


Ok I am officially weird...... ok ok - more weird than you thought (grinning)

I LOVE cleaning the house...... well maybe not LOVE the act - I like that - but I DO love the clean house when it's all done.  There is something cathartic about scrubbing the floors - washing down the walls - dusting and vacuuming - sorting and putting away.  AND when it's all done - and I collapse exhausted down onto the sofa - it's a good exhaustion!  I earned this exhaustion..... 

On Tuesday I cleaned the bathroom - it took 2 hours.  AND trust me when I say it is NOT a big bathroom - like you can sit on the toilet and brush your teeth in the sink (grinning) and it took 2 hours!!  I pulled the step ladder into the bathroom - climbed up and took down the fan and cleaned/washed it - took the shower curtain down and threw it in the washing machine - as well as the bath mats... I cleaned the moulding over the shower/tub ... washed all the baseboards ... scrubbed the shower from the top to the bottom... wiped down finger prints everywhere - oh yeah and washed and polished the light fixture over the sink (as well as all the usual bathroom cleaning - sink toilet etc)
AND it felt fantastic!  

Today I am cleaning the house..... I just finished washing the floors - (UGH who knew the mud room was sooooooo dirty) I used my favourite cleanser - Pine Sol - the house smells so damn good when I'm done.... I'm waiting for the floors to dry so I can drag the vacuum out and get the rugs done........ then there's the dusting and the tidying and putting away .......... and then the house will be clean and I'll collapse exhausted ....... it will take me about 4 - 5 hours to get it all done - but in that time I won't think about covid or rising numbers once.... and the world will seem normal... 

I'll feel normal - and that's a good thing !


  1. Welcome to the weird side. I love being weird.

    I don't like cleaning house. I do it because I have too. Kind of like eating, I have to eat but I dont' enjoy making food or really eating it. It is a chore.

    With cleaning though, I can't use a lot of chemicals. I react too much, my lungs don't like it.

    However, I am willing to donate my house for you to clean if it will make you happy?


    1. ohhhhhhh Boo with friends like you......... LOL

      and I hear you with cleaning fluids - I tend to cough alot more on cleaning day -- have tried the 'green' stuff but never felt the house was clean enough... so I just put up the cough...

  2. I wish that I was so domestically talented. My house is a mess


  3. *Steps up to be 2nd in line behind Boo for housecleaning by MoringStar* I hope some of your weirdness rubs of on me!

    My mom is an all star deep cleaner. I have to hide the bleach from here when she visits because I don't trust her not to use it when the windows aren't open so I can freaking breathe! LOL

  4. Hi Morningstar,

    Well, if you are weird so am I lol. My friends and Rick always tease me about my OCD lol. My standard weekly cleaning includes wiping down all doors, window sills etc and I do extra cleaning when I can. I don't like the doing but love the results.



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