Monday, April 19, 2021

End of My Spring Break...


 Well Spring break ended with a whimper........ whatever 'celebration' I had hoped for to end the break didn't happen.......... On Saturday I was still just a little bit off kilter ... by Sunday my libido had resurrected itself and I was feeling feisty and ready to rock and roll.......... Unfortunately Sir Steve came down with a migraine.............. so spring break just kinda petered out 

Good news though - Sir Steve did go through his clothes and managed to fill one bag for our "I give a Shirt" campaign.  I think for him it was a little trip down memory lane cause OMG he found a shirt he had worn during his FIRST marriage !!  (we won't talk about how long ago that was!!)  On the plus side he found shirts he forgot he had and even found a brand new pair of jeans that he's never worn cause they need to be hemmed!! (shades of my finding the white pants in the back of my closet!)

Even though we didn't have 'adult time' this weekend - we did have a great one..... we watched a couple of good movies... we talked a lot about nothing in particular and about everything ..... and we laughed.... I never realized how little I laughed in past relationships (spontaneous laughter)... it feels so good to laugh till your belly aches....


I would love some feed back on something..........
I told you all how we have started to have 'THE TALK' with the lil one.  Sir Steve and I discussed getting her 'training bras'.  I suggested we ask her IF she wanted one - cause ya know maybe she doesn't want one. 

So we asked - and she said YES! though I am wondering if that yes was because it's some sort of 'badge of honour'?  I'm wondering if she will wear it for a day and then strip it off. 

I wonder if it's OUR need to see her fully covered? (for lack of a better term) I find myself wondering why we feel the need to plunk them into bras - to shape and form and maybe kind of hide them?  Are we sexualizing breasts?? on an 8 year old??!!

AND I'm shocking myself - cause when my girls were ready for bras trust me they got them and they wore them! (stern mother look)

Anyway - we did get some 'training bras' for her

and I'm in the process of washing them this morning.

So tell me - what are your thoughts on 'training bras'????


  1. My daughter had them, I took her out shopping to choose what she would like within the range of 'training bras' she was 9, and yes part of me thought how young, but she was developing albeit only slightly, so I thought it was the right introduction.

    The only problem that arose in our case is she was the only girl in her class that wore one and that led to some teasing, and I so wish I had had that discussion with her as well about how we all develop differently at different times, something I hadn't thought to do at the time, only about her development.

  2. I think a lot of little girls want them because it's somethings 'adults' all kids seem to want to feel grown up. I think it's good that you've provided them, let it be up to her if she wears it from now on or only a few days. You might provide a few girl undershirts telling her she can pick which is more comfortable. I just wish I never had to put on a bra again for the rest of my life.

  3. PK- I find it interesting that I am from the group of women who burned their bras in the 60's and yet with my girls it was a WEAR IT OR ELSE .. and now I am remembering my bra-less days... and fighting for her right to not wear it... LOL

  4. I'm glad you laughed over the break. That is a lovely thing to do.

    As for training bras, when our little one was starting (later around 11), I told her it was her choice. If she wanted to, fine, if not that was fine too. I did explain that little boys (and girls) could be mean and might tease her if she didn't, but there was no reason for them except comfort.

    Which lasted 6 years. Then holy god! What 5 foot teenager is a 32D?????? And not even 32...more like 28 but they don't make them that size! She tried going without and had major back issues! Now there is no choice, she MUST wear them! Poor thing! Sigh.

    I'm glad she is excited about it though. I hope she stays excited about it!


    1. oh lord Boo - 32D?!! Did she have a lot of nasty comments to handle?? I can't imagine !!! You know it never occurred to me that the lil one could be teased for wearing one and teased for NOT wearing one........ kids!!

    2. Like I said, kids are mean. When she was 12, the continued teasing from 1 boy resulted in his in-school suspension. He could not respect her "no, stop, don't." Then the best of all things happened...I got to hear him say to his friends the day he was serving his suspension that it was my kid's fault that he got suspended.

      Girls just pointed out that her nipples were showing and she should cover them...why I don't know, boys have nipples too.

      so yes, it goes for both gender. Kids are mean.

  5. I still wear training bras. Lol!
    I like PK's idea if options. Seriously I don't really need a bra, for support ( I do to lookime j actually have breasts 😉). I just don't like forcing my nipples on everyone. My neighbour doesn't wear a bra, and good for her, but could she at least wear a sweat shirt or something? Perhaps even a tank top with a pattern? Lol

    1. Lol! Nah go ahead and post yours. I just don't want to see my neighbour's, mind you I'd have to be laying down in the ground looking up to see the nipple. The areolas on the other much texture! Lol

  6. I guiltily have to admit that I don't really know what a training bra is and how it differs from a normal bra. I am very curious as to the origin of the name.


    1. oh god only knows WHY they call them training bras... the big difference between a 'training' bra and a regular one is no cups... no support... more like a crop top...

    2. Well, my tits are absolutely killing me today (PMS). I woke up with them hurting in the middle of the night. *Eyes Storm suspiciously*

      All the above advice is good! We have smart friends! Hugs, Windy

  7. Hi Morningstar, I Still pretty much wear training bras too lol. I agree with PK,it's good you have provided them. It can now be up to her.

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend together to end the break with lots of laughter.


  8. if my bralettes are anything to go by, i still wear training bras too LOL
    i went to school with a uniform - pinafore over a blouse. so i could get away with no bras till i was 17. That's when junior college happened for me.

    so i'm not expert on whether one should or shouldn't wear them. I sure didn't.


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