Thursday, April 08, 2021

*Our* TTWD


 Right - here we go........... 

These are my favourite parts of our TTWD:

* when Sir Steve claims ownership -  He'll grab a boob or other body part and say "it's mine!" not always - but when he does - my heart melts.

* I love that I always fall asleep snuggled into his body while he holds my boob tight

*  when the toys are laid out and I am naked - that is when *SIR* Steve really comes out .. that's when my heart beats fastest ... when I feel his hand pressing on my back holding me down... when I feel him step between my legs to get the exact angle he wants.. when I feel the roughness / the scratchiness of his jeans against my bare skin... when the knife comes out and slides between my legs - teasing my pink bits...  I hold my breath trust is almost tangible... 

When I am under his hand - submitting to the Sadist that is my Sir Steve.... that is when I am happiest.. when I am the most grounded.  THAT is the best part of our TTWD.


Those are the tangible things I love - BUT I want to add a few intangibles that I have come to realize are so important to my peace of mind -

I love the feeling of freedom - no stress - no walking on eggshells - no feelings of failure.  In our TTWD we are a team - supporting each other - respecting each other - loving each other and that is a VERY good thing :)


  1. I love the feeling of freedom as well! I understand that perhaps there are many interpretations of freedom, and that word can seem like and odd choice to some who do not live this dynamic - how can one feel free in submission to another? There is such an amazing mental weight lifted off (of me) through *surrender*. It has nothing to do with not making decisions on my own.

    For some reason when my world becomes small and it's just about us, my life becomes huge!

    Happy to have had to wait for your answer to Ronnie's question!

    Now go relax your


    1. LOL - go relax my brain?? if only I could LOL

      freedom for me is - Sir Steve insisting I do WHAT feels right for me - from what I wear to what I buy to what I do during the day..... he doesn't want me focused on 'pleasing' him .. cause he says "I am always pleasing to him" that's a big adjustment for me.. to be good enough just as I am :) and that defines freedom for me

    2. I hear you and being good enough just as I am for *me* IS being submissive in all aspects of my life with B. Prior to Ttwd, I apparently was pleasing to B, but maybe not myself. And even though he was happy with our life, or so he thought back then, (until he got a taste if the power exchange) I didn't really feel seen. Our dynamic isn't only pleasing him but being seen by him. Guess we all have different ways to feel seen. 🙃


    3. Oh and I said relax your brain we with an lol because I can't either! Lol

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    This made me smile:) I especially love the intangibles and agree. There is freedom in submission. As Willie said, that may not make sense to those who don't live a ttwd dynamic.


    1. sometimes Roz S/m doesn't mean Dominant and submissive in the traditional sense -- Sir Steve does not expect me to serve him.. or kneel at his feet... the only time he wants me bending to his desire/will is when he wants to play.... .that is when I kneel and submit my will to his..
      it's not easy to explain.. Sir Steve doesn't want my submission except when he wants to play... the rest of the time I am free to manage my life / the house alone .. AND for the rest it's a team effort.

  3. MStar,
    It's wonderful you are discovering more about your ttwd with Sir Steve. Sounds like it's working for you. Yay! Hugs, Windy

    1. the silly thing is Windy - I didn't really think about our dynamic - our TTWD - until ronnie asked me about it.. and then I thought we don't have TTWD
      (slap me upside the head)
      We do most definitely have kink in our life - just not something that looks like the more traditional kink......

  4. That's one of the wonderful things about ttwd is that there is no 'one size fits all'.

    Yes, freedom in the context of ttwd can be an oxymoron, for me freedom means being able to live a life that is authentic to me, not having to live to societies expectations of what it should be like.

  5. I agree with claire no "one size fits all". The idea of knife play sends me cold but I am glad that you two enjoy it


  6. Sounds a little bit like us, where my life is handled by me. I make my own choices, purchases, medical decisions etc.
    In bed he's king. Out on dates I have a say in what I want to do, where we go, what to eat (well, this one mostly because I'm watching his diet like a hawk!), but he'll step up if I'm frazzled or floundering and need him to decide.
    The ONE thing that I think we don't think of as TTWD but probably is a BIG part of it, is that we're always mindful of how we are to our partners. No bratting, snide remarks, sarcastic or below-the-belt jibes... Things we've taken for granted (in a good way) cos it's just not done in our dynamic, but that a lot of couples "suffer" from. That's just my theory tho.

    1. YES!! that's exactly it Fondles - Sir Steve stays in the background BUT IF I am overwhelmed and floundering he steps up and in...

      and I didn't think of it - the how we treat/talk to each other... but you're right - there's no bratty behaviours or snide comments... it's all a respect thing :)

  7. Morningstar, I was smiling reading your post. I'm glad that I asked you the question, made you think:) Thanks for answering.



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