Thursday, November 14, 2019


Have any of you come across LOL dolls??? You might have if you have younger children...... I know we had nothing like them when my girls were small -- 

SURPRISE !!!   I am learning all about them now I have the lil one in my life.

It struck me last night how appropriate they are for today's post........ LOL - Love our Lurkers and LOL hermetically sealed SURPRISES!

For the next 48 hours we can peel back all the wrapping on our LOL balls and reveal a little bit about ourselves........ 

SURPRISE!  you don't actually have to tell me anything about yourself -- but a lil "hi" would be nice in the comment section....... 

SURPRISE!  or you can open up a little bit and tell me how long you have been dropping by quietly

SURPRISE! or you can simply add what part of the world you are from (I love thinking about how small the world is )

SURPRISE!  or you can ask me questions -- anything that you are curious about - or anything I haven't touched on

SURPRISE !!  taking the first steps to posting a comment isn't actually that difficult and you might just discover it's fun!!

oh and one last SURPRISE!  I have taken the moderation off for the next 48 hours to make posting a comment easier....... 
SURPRISE!  I will be answering/acknowledging everyone who comments 

If you are curious to read all the other bloggers participating in LOL days -- visit Hermione's blog HERE for an up to date list......... 

Life is good when you have SURPRISES! on LOL day


  1. Hello Morningstar, happy lol days. I also have had depression for years. there are two important things I have learned. Depression exists and thrives in the subconscious. It takes real negative thoughts and magnifies them. If you take these thoughts and move them to the conscious mind; you can then examine them in the light and see how much exaggeration is taking place. this will often result in relief.
    Secondly, depression is the most treatable of psychiatric diseases. So, have hope.


  2. I do read often but don't always comment. Will try harder:)


  3. wolfman -- thank you for your thoughtful comment about depression. I do have hope -- Sir Steve has contacted the doctor and we are waiting for a call back.
    and thank you for posting on this first day of LOL :)

  4. ronnie -- with everyone's busy lives I do understand not commenting.. thanks for commenting today :)

  5. Have an amazing LOL Day! Found you on Hermoine's Blog. Just added you to my Blog Roll. Feel free to drop by my Blog, DaddyCat.

  6. Hi morningstar, I should comment more often. Have a great LOL event.


  7. Spanky -- thanks for the comment -- definitely a plus to LOL day making new friends :)

  8. Spankedhortic -- and I should comment more on your blog!!! It is so good to see you back in blogland !!

  9. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Happy LOL day.
    Let's hope we all get lots of comments.

  10. Hi, MS, I love those little LOL dolls. Our youngest daughter enjoys them as well. I'm always happy to visit your little corner of blogland and hear what is going on in your world. Sorry I have been so lax. It's like I just cannot get to the Land hardly at all these days. I will do my best to get better.

  11. really Baker -- you like the LOL dolls?!! Honestly I can't stand them -- the first one the lil one got I started to help her unwrap it... two broken nails and a pile of cellophane and I put out an SOS for her dad LOL

    I used to read your blog regularly though I rarely commented and I have to admit I miss your writings....... BUT I do understand 'life' getting in the way :)

  12. Thanks Fred Bloggs -comments are nice - lots even better :)

    I went looking for your blog (assumed you had one) and you don't? or at least I couldn't find it (see me pout?)

  13. Hi,

    Just a lurker who does occasionally read when there is time to read any blogs.

    happy LOL day.

    Tempted to go anonymous because our relationship is way different than most and don't want to offend anyone.


  14. mouse -- I am glad you took a minute to leave a comment. The one thing you need to understand -- around here -- The Journey -- diversity is embraced and encouraged. Please never feel that you will offend me. I am going to come read your blog soon......I think I would like to get to know you a little better :)

  15. Hi, MorningStar! Happy LOL Day! I have missed coming here....I will be back more often when you're posting! I enjoy your sense of humor and your soft heart. Hugs, Windy

  16. Happy LOL Day, MorningStar! We don't have an LOL doll, but we do have a "Dammit Doll." It's a rag doll that you slam against the couch or bed (or a kinky rear end, I guess!) when you are mad..... So you're supposed to slam it, slam it, slam it while saying, "Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" HA! Clever post! Hugs, Windy

  17. Windy -- LOL (the laughing out loud one !) I want a Dammit Doll I do I do I do !! need one around here these days.... but that's a post to come next week me thinks :) keep it light for LOL days - right?!

  18. stopping to say hello. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating LOL days! :-) Hugs

  19. Hello! I live in the US - Midwest. Been kinky as far back as I can remember. Fortunately my kinks and my husband’s kinks mesh well together even though they are very different takes on the things we’re doing. I’m not sure when I first started reading here... I get on a kick every so often to try and find new TTWD blogs I can follow.

  20. Love you LOL surprise post. Hope you have a fun two days with plenty of people commenting.
    Hugs Lindy from Australia xx

  21. Happy LoL day Morningstar *waves*. Love the post and your LoL surprise theme. Hope you make some new friends today:)


  22. Hi Morningstar -
    I'm probably more of a lurker although I comment on occasion.
    By the way, I can relate to the comment made by Mouse. My blog seems to be a bit different than a lot of the others in this corner of blogland and thus some of the misunderstood feedback I get.
    Happy LOL Days

  23. Happy belated LoL Day, MS, and thank you for your comment!



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