Saturday, November 30, 2019

Almost Time......

Every year on the 1st of December The Journey is redecorated for the holiday season.  So guess what I will be busy doing for the next day or so..... (trying to remember how to edit the template and trying to remember where I stored all the blog's decorations )

I think during the month of December I will bore you all with giddy tales of Christmas excitement -- fill your diet filled days with recipes filled with sugary goodness -- and share fond memories from Christmases past........

I know (small smile) I have a few 'grinches' who visit here....... who knows ? maybe your hearts will grow a few sizes -- or else you'll take a sabbatical from visiting (bigger grin)

It IS the most wonderful time of the year!!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, ok I surrender lol. Not actually feeling the Grinch quite so much this the moment anyway lol. I actually bought some new decorations yesterday and have shopping underway. I didn't even bother decorating the last couple of years.



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