Wednesday, November 20, 2019

My Favourite Time of the Year

Yeah yeah I know - it's still more than a month away............

But when you love Christmas as much as I do......... and you want to make as many Christmas memories as possible... and you want to have a holiday with as little stress as possible........ you start the prep work early......... like VERY early.

40+ years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby -- I got most of my Christmas shopping done before November -- before winter coat and winter boots season.  and I haven't looked back........

Also I have always liked to do something charitable during the season -- last year and again this year we are making contributions to the lil one's school for their Winter Wonderland celebration.  They have a gift shopping room where the children can (for a small donation) shop for presents for the friends and family.  A lot of these children cannot afford to shop ........ so the room runs on donations.  The lil one and I went shopping and bought a bunch of Christmas coffee mugs and small gifts to stuff inside them.  Last night after dinner Sir Steve, the lil one, and I stuffed the mugs and packaged them up in Christmas gift bags.  Sometime this week I will drop them off at the school.

The lil one has been making the Danish woven baskets that will hold candy - hang on our tree - and then be given as gifts.  

She has loved making them.  Yesterday she started making her own Christmas cards.  

I found the 'Rule of 4' last week..... 

and introduced it to Sir Steve and the lil one.  Funnily enough the lil one thought it was a GREAT idea !  Based on the rules the lil one will be writing her letter to Santa soon so we can get it mailed and get her letter from Santa before Christmas (last year her letter from Santa didn't come in till after Christmas and we mailed it the 1st week of December)

The baking lists are done and all the ingredients bought....... 

Our entertaining schedule is starting to take shape -- and we already have one Christmas party to go to.............. 

Life is good when Christmas brings joy and laughter and family memories.


  1. I'm a Christmas fan too, but we've been with out any little one for a long time. My youngest is 27 and there are no grandchildren. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and it sounds like you will.

  2. AAArg! Sint Niklaas day on the 6th of December. Panic time (or at least it would be if I had kids).


  3. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, you are organised! I'm afraid I'm the Christmas Grinch..but I did buy some Christmas earings today. Does that count? lol.

    I love the school Christmas shop and the three of you put together gifts to donate. Love the gift rule too.



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