Monday, November 11, 2019

An understanding.......

We were standing outside in the back, in the dark and the cold having a smoke and he said "Are you happy?"

And that was how the discussion started.... a difficult discussion... an emotional loving discussion.

Sir Steve admitted he is depressed..... why ? we don't know.  Does anyone ever really know why they are depressed? 

He has agreed to call his doctor.... to find  someone to talk to..... it's gonna be a long road I know that......... but we took the first steps .. HE took the first steps and that's what's important.

Life is good when there is understanding.........


  1. I am glad to hear you took the first steps Sir Steve. Depression is an ugly thing, but there are many ways to help deal with it.

    Be proud of yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle. This journey will begin with this step you have taken.


  2. That first step is the hardest..the journey is not easy....but so worth it...hugs. abby

  3. I'm so glad you talked. Good on Sir Steve for taking the first step. It's the hardest step. Day by day...


  4. Depression happens when don’t get what we want. Depression also happens when we get what we do not want. The irony is that when we are struggling with things in life, we don’t seem to notice any major emotion simply because we don’t have time for that. But once everything starts being settled down, all these cravings and aversions come up to the conscious level of the mind. And that’s how we get depressed. It’s just human nature.


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