Thursday, April 25, 2019

Too Old

I like to believe the above meme has always been my philosophy in raising my kids and in my teaching style.

BUT this past weekend youngest daughter made a couple of snide comments about how I was dealing with things with the lil one -- my expectations.

Then yesterday she posted this to FB.....

and I just broke... the lil cracks that have been there since the beginning just started to crack more -- to open... till I felt like everything was broken beyond fixing. 

And it isn't just about the lil one.. it's about my own girls ya know?!  I raised them old fashioned I guess... I had high expectations for them... I expected a lot of them... not perfection just their best.  

Maybe I expected too much of them.

Maybe I was a lousy mother.

Maybe I didn't do as good a job as I thought.

Maybe I should just retire to the rocking chair in the corner -- keep my mouth shut -- and watch as they all figure it out for themselves............ 



  1. I am so sorry you are feeling this way Morningstar, and even more sorry it is a result of some comments and a post from your daughter.

    Please don't doubt yourself. You are not too old and everything I read here tells me you are a wonderful Mom. Lil one is blessed to have you.


  2. No sorry, I don't see a rocking chair in your future, Morningstar :)) ... you will dust yourself off and be back at it by tomorrow :)) I'm sorry your daughter has you feeling like this. Karma may visit her one day ... life is funny like that .. stay strong ... hugs! ... nj

  3. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Your daughter is only reporting on a truth. The world IS an incredibly different place than the one we raised them in (I am parent to four now-adults). School curricula aren't what we studied, there are so many more people of more widely varied cultures, and it seems like respect for the law is now seen as a quaint notion for losers to abide.

    We followed the rules in force at the time we raised our kids, and the game got changed on us in mid-play. We had mo control nor influence over those changes, and those who did could care less about us and what we wanted out of life.

    As a parent, one has to watch to see how well we raised our offspring to cope with change. Three of my four remain at home with no real prospects for a real life. The fourth one married well and is creating her own business. She's the only one who copes with change. The others let life push them into things they end up not liking much.

    So in my assessment, your daughter recognizes change and has adapted to it. She remains your daughter - one to be proud of in my opinion. Accept that and enjoy the ride.

  4. I have said this before...that lil one is sooo lucky to have you in her life..she needs you and you are there for her. I have 3 grown children who sometimes make me shake my head and wonder where I went wrong...I think that is part of a mother's life cycle....take a deep breath, and say ..what I often repeat in my head...this too shall pass. hugs abby


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