Monday, April 22, 2019


We had a busy run up to Easter Sunday........ when the kids and grandkids were coming for brunch .....

Friday morning I baked my easter cupcakes -- and hunted down and organised all the serving dishes needed ......... 
Then Sir Steve suggested we take a run out to a small town down the highway and visit a friend's wife's gift shop.  I bought a lovely stained glass window decoration for the new trailer -- it's gonna go in the master bedroom window.........

(not the best picture but it gives you an idea)

Saturday morning was a morning of baking (cheese danish), decorating (the easter cupcakes - I put mini M&M's in the middle ... and then Sir Steve and I vegged for the afternoon. 

 Saturday evening I was told to go to the bedroom after the TV show we were watching was over..... for a little Easter fun and games ..... I might write more about that later this week.....

Sunday morning was a bit of a hustle and bustle .... I made an egg and sausage casserole while Sir Steve cooked up some bacon and pancakes... the table was laden with pancakes.....bacon.........ham.......egg casserole.... fresh fruit...... hot cross buns ... cheese danish and easter cupcakes.  Everyone ate till they were near bursting... with lots of laughter and chatting.

Unfortunately Sunday ended with some stress and worrisome news.... maybe a blog entry of it's own....... 

BUT all in all it was an excellent Easter weekend ! 


  1. sounds like a wonderful Easter celebration!! Ours was great also. Hope the worrisome news turns out better than anticipated. hugs abby

  2. Yay!, for a day of happy family celebrations, Morningstar .... and yikes! for pending not so good news ... hope not so much as to ruin Easter Monday ... hugs! ... nj

  3. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend:) Love the stain glass and the cupcakes look awesome:)

    I'm sorry it ended with some worrisome news and also hope it turns out better than expected.



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