Monday, April 08, 2019


Well Saturday's twisted knee on the stairs episode created a bit of a twist on our weekend plans.......... there was no sex... no play....... no dinner out.... 

We did drive to visit my youngest on Sunday -- she had a bird nest issue in the roof and a leaky sink in the kitchen and Sir Steve went to help out........ I got to sit on the sofa for the whole time with my leg elevated bored out of my every loving mind!!  Sir Steve fixed the bird issue and a couple of loose siding boards... and he jerry rigged the kitchen faucets/sink so that her sink can limp along while youngest and hubbie find a new sink and new counter top.

We got home around dinner time -- ate left over Chinese food from Saturday and got ready for the new week.  Today I am supposed to see the doctor (my bi-monthly check up visit) and I will get him to take a look at my gimpy knee...... IF I can manage to get there.... there is freezing rain forecasted for mid morning UGH!!  (and snow for tomorrow GAHHHHH will winter never end??!!) 

Life can be good even with gimpy knees and winter weather right? (le sigh)


  1. That looks painful, Morningstar ... sorry to hear it was a weekend ruined. Get better soon! ... nj

  2. Ugh, so sorry about the knee Morningstar. That was good of Sir Steve to help your daughter and husband. Hope you managed to get to the doctor.



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