Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Human Nature

 (not too sure if this gonna make sense to anyone -- but it's a post that's been rattling around in my head for awhile now......... )

Now I live in a community that is - for lack of a better term - a little rough around the edges.  At first it felt strange living here... I felt a little out of place I guess.  You see I come from the 'other side of the tracks' for the most part.  And had this bias drummed into my head.......... always strive to be better ...to have more and more... it felt very much like I didn't know the rules to this game called life... I felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

Let me give you an example...... when I got married (god some 40+ years ago) we bought a home....... my father said 'it's a good starter home... in a few years you'll sell it and buy up'  I did not understand... why would I want to sell our home just to buy another one?!

I spent the better part of my life feeling like everyone else knew the rules to this game of life .. everyone except me.  I did all the 'right' things ya know........ had the 2.5 children .. a house in the burbs... made all the right friends .. joined all the right groups.... and was terribly miserable.

All the way through my life I kept meeting people who did all the same/right things.. lived in all the right neighbourhoods.. joined all the right groups.. said all the right things... and tried to impress each other with how much they earned... how much they paid.. how big a holiday they had...  I thought I was doomed to this artificial 'keep up with the Jones' life.

Until I moved here.

I kept to myself at first..... but honestly these people in this neighbourhood are warm and friendly and tend to band together......... OH there are some strange characters that wander the streets...... but they mostly just move on past keeping to themselves.

What I have realized is ..... no one wears a mask here.. no one stresses over trying to impress ..... everyone just lives life the best way they can...... no judgments no comparisons live and let live really. 

I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin.. I know what I am doing now.. I know this is home.... 

Life is good when it all feels right.


  1. I am so happy you have found 'your place'. I smiled when I read the word 'mask'.....I think we all wear one at times...but life is so much better without one...hugs abby

  2. I like that you are now comfortable in your own skin. Very good place to be.


  3. How wonderful you are now in a place you feel comfortable in your own skin. That is awesome:)



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