Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Ritual

He stops my bedtime chatter with "it's sleeping time now".

I roll onto my right side and wiggle backwards against his body... I lift my left arm and hold it up until.......... 

his hand slides across my body and grabs my left breast firmly tightly in his big hand.

He whispers "good night -- I hope you sleep well -- I love you".  I whisper back "see you in the morning -- I love you too -- muchly" 

As I start drifting off to sleep -- I feel the warmth of his body against mine -- his cock resting against my bum -- his hand firmly holding my breast ...... and I know my world is right -- and I sleep.


  1. yeaahhh ... gotta love the classic 'spoon' ... lovely little ritual description, Morningstar! ... have a great weekend! ... nj ... xx

  2. What a wonderful ritual, I love it :)


  3. This is the same position that my Sir and I sleep in almost every night!


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