Monday, April 15, 2019

The Count Down Begins

In three weeks -- 3 short weeks -- we will be opening the trailer at the campgrounds!

Saturday was a sunny spring day and Sir Steve suggested we take a run up to the campgrounds and check on the trailer -- and do an inventory of what needs to be done.

It was a lovely walk from the front gate back to our site -- no cars allowed as the ground is still very wet and boggy.

There has been some shifting and sagging this spring...... our deck has heaved and there are a couple of floor boards that are wonky...... the trailer has sunk down on one side and needs to be levelled again before we can actually go in and open the slides (the bits of the trailer that slide in for the winter and slide out for the summer creating a much larger living space)

The big news is -- last fall we bought a new trailer - 11 feet longer than the old one.. complete with a separate bedroom for the lil one.  YAY!!  In the old trailer we would convert the kitchen table every night into a bed for her and I would convert it back to a table in the morning (no easy job let me tell 
you !)

I have plans to turn the bedroom into a dreamy lil girl space complete with ballerina comforter and fairy lights around the bed.  With all her toys and art supplies tucked neatly into bins that will slide under her bed.

We had tried keeping the trailer a secret -- BUT -- the mother and grandparents went up to the campgrounds a week ago and have done nothing but announce that we are trying to 'keep up with the Joneses' (big sigh).  They never learned the "if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing" 

On the way home Sir Steve wanted to run some messages and pick up some things we are gonna need for this new trailer -- like another set of king size bed sheets for our bedroom.  The lil one got her own room and our bedroom nearly doubled in size switching from a queen size bed to a king size bed !!  We also found the ballerina comforter and sheet set complete with a ballerina pillow! for the lil one's dream room.  (I have some laundry to do in the next 3 weeks -- all the sheets and new towels)

Saturday evening we decided to use the certificate for the free dinner I won a couple of weeks ago at our favourite restaurant in town.  The owner welcomed us like royalty and on top of our 4 course dinner we also had a glass of lovely white wine with our meal!!  

Both Sir Steve and I had the shrimp cocktail to start.......... 

Sir Steve had the tuna steak in orange ginger sauce for his entree

I had the chicken cordon bleu for mine 

Then we had the cheese course ...... and lovely cheesecake to finish....... 

Lemon with blueberries for me........ 

Chocolate for Sir Steve.

Sunday was a quiet day for me -- all that tramping through the wilds put a strain on my bad knee ...... 

Life is good ( I think ) when there's 3 weeks till camping season


  1. Wow! ... sounds like you'll be 'glamping' in style ... excited for you, Morningstar ... it's good to have a place to go and relax away from all the things you feel you have to do when you're at home. ... nj ... xx

  2. Lilac6:47 pm

    I didn’t read at first. And aw the pics and I thought wow... you made the full course menu well. :D

  3. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, the new trailer sounds amazing! Yay for separate bedrooms.I love your plans for lil one's room. Sounds like a wonderful day. Successful shopping and I'm drooling at the dinner pics, especially the deserts lol



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