Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Rest, Ice, Elevate

The freezing rain never materialized yesterday -- just straight rain -- so I had an uneventful drive to the doctor's.  

He seemed surprised at the pill dosage I am down to ....... apparently he has been talking to some doctors about me -- and they thought he might have pushed the withdrawal a little quick....... when you think about it..... I have been on these pills almost longer than he's been alive !! (he's terribly young) I do have a plan to be completely off them -- done with the withdrawals -- by the time we move to the campsite for the summer - so 2 more months.  I did voice a nagging thought I've had........ I wonder what it will be like / what it will feel like to have no pills to take at bedtime.  The doc told me he is going to give me a "pill in my pocket" (I love that expression!!) for emergencies.  He said he is very comfortable doing that as I have been so determined to come off these pills he isn't worried I'll start up again.  He added it's a bit of psychological thing -- IF I have a pill in a pocket I won't be stressing / worrying about what 'ifs'.  Just knowing I will have a safety net ended my anxiety over stopping the pills completely. 

Then I told him about my knee.  He immediately turned to take a look at it.. and when he hit the sensitive spot he got all apologetic (made me smile... he's one of the few doctors I have seen in my life who apologize  for hurting you)  He said he's pretty sure it's a muscle/tendon thing...... told me to stop taking Sir Steve's naproxin because it doesn't interact well with my blood pressure meds - just take a tyelnol when I need it and rub Voltaren on it...... he's a BIG believer in this Voltaren.  Back in the 'old days' we used to use Ben Gay the only smelly liniment available.  I like Voltaren as it doesn't really smell....... When I asked how long I would be hobbling about -- he grinned at me and said....... 'well you should be resting it, icing it and elevating it.....knowing you that's not going to happen' ..... he's right I don't have time for that... I will rest it as much as I can during the day.... and it'll heal later than sooner I guess.

Best news -- he doesn't want to see me for 4 months......... BUT added I knew how to reach him if I had any problems...... 

Life is good when the withdrawals are almost over.......


  1. Sounds like you hit the doctor jackpot, Morningstar ... you're in good hands. I had a little smile when you talked about how young he is. I have a longtime vanilla friend who when she got a new doc and he was very young, we took to calling him Doogie whenever she referenced Dr appts etc ... I know, ya gotta be old like us to get that one ... lol!! ... nj ... xx

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    I'm glad the weather wasn't as bad as predicted and you were able to get to the doctor. Glad you had such a secessful visit. Rest that leg as much as you can.



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