Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Setting the Mood

On Saturday afternoon/evening Sir Steve and I were binge watching a show on Netflix.... in the early evening Sir Steve told me 'after this show - bed room'.  

I couldn't resist -- honest I couldn't -- the devil made me say it.......... 

'After the SHOW?!' (insert cheeky grin) ' how many episodes left in this SHOW?' (insert cheekier grin)

He gave me that look -- with a smirk -- I do love to find 'loop holes' and play word games with him (made even more fun and interesting by the fact he is a worthy opponent!)

I can't remember for the life of me how that episode ended.... ya see I was sitting there picturing all the evil wicked things coming my way..... my pulse quickened ... my heart did flip flops... and my ass started wiggling........ 

The evil wicked things turned out to be Sir Steve's knives.  AND oh my !  he does know how to 'tickle my fancy' with them!  Early on in the play my mind did a check of what I was gonna wear the next day -- and almost asked him to be careful not to leave any marks that could be seen....... didn't want my kids to think I was doing 'self harm' ya know.  BUT the blade kept teasing my other erogenous zones -- especially the dip at the bottom of the spine...... ohhhhhhhh yes -- that spot!  and I soon couldn't focus long enough to worry about what I was gonna wear the next day!

Life is good when the brain is engaged first !


  1. I soooo agree...that anticipation....and then the reality....!!! hugs abby

  2. Yeah ... anticipation ... it's all part of the zing! :>)) ... sounds like you had a great night! ... nj ... xx

  3. Oh I agree, nothing like anticipation. Sounds like a wonderful night :)



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