Friday, April 26, 2019


I am sitting here drinking my coffee and feeling my body relax... It feels like I am exhaling for the first time in ages..... like I have been holding my breath ...... and exhaling feels so damn good!

This weekend is - for me - the official end of winter.  We have our last family birthday this weekend.  To explain why this marks the end of winter -- we have - believe it or not - a birthday OR a holiday celebration every month from September through April.  (and some months 2 celebrations/birthdays)

Next weekend is the official opening of the campground.... when we slip past the gates into the trees ... to peace and quiet...... 

But before I can enjoy the life of leisure in the country I have one last birthday cake to make.... lists to make and shopping to get done .... and camping gear to organise

Life is good when you remember to exhale.




  1. AH, there's nothing like the anticipation of summer :) enjoy your last birthday celebration.


  2. I remember the sense of 'exhaling' when after a busy week in the city, we'd head for our permanent camping spot to soend the weekend ... no phones, no tv, kids could run free (gated) ... hope it's a great summer for you and SS, Morningstar ... nj ... xx


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