Friday, April 19, 2019

Small Revelation

Last evening Sir Steve had to drive the lil one up to her mother's - as apparently - they just couldn't possibly pick her up from swimming class.

It was a typical drive - lil one talking her dad's ear off.. rambling about this and that.... and he eventually just tuning her out and doing the parent 'smile and nod' a lot.  

But as they got closer to mom's lil one got quiet...... Sir Steve figured she had drifted off to sleep as she had said she was tired from swimming class -- but when he checked in the mirror she was just staring out the window....... he checked in with her to make sure she was 'ok' and she said yes....... 


when they got to mom's and Sir Steve was getting her out of the car - the lil one filled up with tears ....... when he asked her what was wrong she said she was going to miss him!  He gave her the pep talk one gives when one is following the court orders.... and said she would have fun... and he would see her on Tuesday.  She nodded and went off into the house.

When he told me this story..... I felt my heart beat a little faster... felt a wee bit happy... and may god forgive me for that!  But sometimes it feels as though she can't wait to get to her mom's where it seems there are no rules -- definitely no homework and no chores.... and what kid wouldn't prefer that over our house?!  BUT this time she stated she was gonna miss us.. miss the routine and the rules..... and I wondered if maybe - just maybe - routine and rules really can win out over freedom ...... maybe?


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Aww, how sweet. I think you're right. IMHO kids need routine and stability.


  2. In the end, it will, Morningstar... because attention to the details of her life, means you care ... nj ... xx

  3. my step daughter is 15 and zero rules at her bio-Mom's but with us there are many. She has chosen to live with us and so without a doubt because we care and have discipline it makes a difference even if she does complain about it :)


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