Thursday, April 18, 2019


Have you got a favourite mop?? a GOOD mop?? a mop that actually works without adding stress to your cleaning routine??

I do not!

The mop pictured above is the mop I inherited from the 'mother' .... she had to have it... the latest gimmick if you ask me.

It is the bane of my existence on cleaning day....... I pop it in the bucket of hot soapy water ... twist it to get rid of the excess water....... then try to mop........ wanna see what it looks like when it is mopping??

Anyway -- yesterday when I was thinking about washing the outside of the house -- all the vinyl siding and front door -- I had it in my head to use this 'lovely' mop and the job would be done in record time.......  

I filled up the bucket with hot soapy water -- grabbed the 'blessed' mop and went out to wash.............. the minute I tried to lift the mop to wash down the siding high up ... the rope thingies separated and left me with just the mop handle scraping along the vinyl........... GAH!!  I threw the damn mop to the side and went and got an old cloth and the ladder and spent the rest of the morning going up and down washing and scrubbing and rinsing........... 

Did it need to be done??? You tell me............ 

Icing on top........... Sir Steve called at noon and when I told him what I had been doing all morning -- he made a crack about " my having fun" .......... I toyed with the idea of hitting upside the head with the bloody mop when he got home....... fun indeed!!  (of course I didn't - grinning)

Today I am going to clean the house (without the damn mop) getting it ready for Easter weekend -- the girls and the grandkids are coming for brunch on Sunday ..... I'd like everything spic and span for the celebration

Life is good when the house sparkles!


  1. That mop does look frustrating. Good luck with the cleaning.

    Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. Hope you have a wonderful family celebration.


  2. I agree, Morningstar, it's difficult to find a good working mop these days. For upstairs and hardwood we've gone with a steam mop. For the downstairs basement Frank uses a commercial mop bucket/wringer and an industrial mop ... I'm sure you will feel great once your intensive cleaning is done ... and then you can relax and enjoy your family time ... Have a Happy Easter! ... nj ... xx

  3. Hi morningstar,

    I have a Vileda Easy Wring spin mop and bucket. It's actually fun to wring out: press the pedal on the bucket and the mop spins. It's available everywhere but I got my set on sale for $29.95 at Canadian Tire.

    Happy Easter!



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