Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Responsible Parenting?

The above is a picture of the birthday cake that the 'family' bought for the lil one's aunt's birthday.  They celebrated it on Easter Sunday...... with the lil one.

Sir Steve and I were shocked -- then sick to our stomachs -- then angry.  A WEED cake in front of a 6 year old.  All the adults excited over the gorgeous cake... and the lil one is seeing this as a good thing.

I finally realized (hoped) that the lil one wouldn't get it...... she would just see it as a fun birthday cake that made her aunt happy right?? Dontcha think that is what would happen?? She's 6 after all.

Well if you thought that like me -- you'd be wrong.  When the lil one got off the bus yesterday the first thing she wanted to tell me was about Aunty Em's birthday cake... "it had WEED on it S.... it was so pretty and was so good!!"  I'm telling myself to breath she couldn't possibly know what WEED is right?? So I said "WEED ?!  really??!!  what is WEED ?"  She knew what it was -- "you smoke it S"

I thought my head would explode!  I still think my head will explode!!  This is responsible parenting/grandparenting for sure!!!!  

Let's teach the lil one all about the joys of WEED BUT let's not do her homework with her... not help her learn her math or her reading....... that's what responsible parents/grandparents do right??  GEEEZ it seems I need to get my priorities straight!

Colour me pissed! 


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Wow, I don't know what to say, except I would have been pissed too. I guess now that weed is legal there it opens the door to acceptance and this sort of thing.


  2. Oh my....I am totally with you on this....thank goodness she has a couple good role models in her life. hugs abby

  3. Lord, that makes me absolutely furious. I am not anti-marijuana, but a 6 year old doesn't need to know that at the expense of other things!


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