Monday, November 19, 2018


 Seriously thank you !!!

When I wrote my 2 blog entries for LOL days I really thought my readers/quiet visitors would roll their eyes and be put off leaving a comment....... the games seemed a little silly -- but then -- if you know me -- you'd know I'm a whole lot silly (cheeky grin)

 On the language challenge I had Gaelic, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Maori  -- AND -- one very clever commenter wrote in pig latin!  I had no idea what language it was (when I read it) so went for the easy peasy translator -- which identified the language as English!!  I shook my head -- English??!!  Then I read the words and realized 'pig latin'... very clever!!!

On the second challenge -- where are you from -- there were no real surprises -- lots from Canada ... and the States.... Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The world really is quite small thanks to the internet.

I also would like to thank Hermoine for once again hosting/encouraging us bloggers to participate in the LOL days.... well done Hermoine!!

It was a busy weekend of LOL'ing......... but Sir Steve and I managed to find some time for each other...... but more on that tomorrow I think.


  1. Love your picture, so cute. I had fun popping in on both LOL days and its so interesting to find where other bloggers come from around the world.
    Thank you
    Lindy xx

  2. Love the pic lol. LoL day was a lot of fun and I thought your quiz was an awesome idea :)


  3. Super cute pic and I'm so thankful you had an excellent LOL day!



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