Tuesday, November 20, 2018


I have a confession to make........ LOL days made me feel a little bit like a fraud.  

I used to believe that to have a BDSM blog the only thing that I could write about was BDSM activities that I took part in......... and in all fairness I probably gave my ex a hard time when the BDSM activities dropped off -- 'cause WHAT was I gonna write about ??!!!

More than a few times I pulled my blog down........ it was more vanilla than anything else.....I felt like a fraud.

Over time -- especially since moving here to Sir Steve -- I realized a large part of BDSM is not sexy or hot.  It's about tasks and organisation and cooperation and communication.  It's about every day life....... and every day life can be damn boring!  But it's real....it's not a fantasy .. and we're not stressed trying to create a fantasy life.


every so often -- in between homework and kids and cleaning and running messages and balancing budgets......... we slip in some fun play time.  My best stress reliever.  

Play time happened Saturday night......... I wasn't feeling all that 'sexy'... but Sir Steve said he had just the cure for that............. 

I laid on my belly on the bed - naked -- and Sir Steve carved pretty patterns up and down my back -- down my legs and even between my legs.  Knife play is so sensual (for me) and a big turn on for both of us.

Later - much later -- we snuggled up together to sleep and my back burned hot...... the track marks glowing red in the dark........ my needs met .....

Life is good when you live an authentically ...........  


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    The friendships made in blogland go deeper than ttwd. I love reading and learning about other aspects of life. We haven't had an active dynamic for so long now.

    You are so right, so much of BDSM is about everyday life and how we interact in everyday life.


  2. Hey MS, have you seen my blog lately? there has been absolutely 1% kink and 99% day to day monotony! It's so much more than the hot scenes tho... it's also how we move on our journey together... even if we DO think it's boring. But that's what keeps it real. And authenticity is what BDSM is all about!

    have a happy thursday MS, know that even tho i don't read here as much as i want to, i think of you often. *hugs*


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