Thursday, November 15, 2018


How many of you have seen / heard of the latest craze in toys called LOL dolls.  The lil one got some for her birthday.  Basically they are dolls in an ball - wrapped in layers of vacuum packed plastic........ just SO much fun to try and open!!!

This morning I was thinking LOL dolls are a little bit like our "LOL days" here in blogland.  It is the process of trying to unwrap the layers of vacuum sealed plastic off our quiet lurkers....... and see if we can coax a few to come out and say 'hello'. 

Tomorrow is the start of LOL Days organised and monitored by Hermione over on Hermione's Heart.  I think I'm gonna play a little game for the two days and hope I can entice my LOL readers out to play..........

See ya'll tomorrow  and let's see if we can unwrap those plastic layers........ whatcha say??

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