Saturday, November 03, 2018

Bright Spot

Well we are on our 5th day of rain and gloom and just YUCK weather!  I am thinking we are making up for the gorgeous - no rain - summer we had.


There is a bright spot in all this gloom.  Last year Sir Steve took me to a local orchard that holds an annual "Trunk Sale".  Basically it's a showcase for all the local artisans to display and sell their Christmas 'stuff'.  We had the lil one last year -- so we didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked....... today we are solo and I am SO looking forward to poking around and finding the unique lil Christmas 'thing' I just have to have to make Christmas perfect....... 

AND then

There is a Christmas shop that has opened for the season in the local mall and we're going there too !! 

and yes I know it's wayyyyyy too early for Christmas........ but I love Christmas -- there's something about it - the lights the sounds the joy that lifts my spirits....... 

Life is good when there is early Christmas shopping !!


  1. I'm tired of November that seemed to arrive in October! It has been no better up Hey 416 I can assure you!

    Happy Dilly Shit seems like a vendor I'd really like! Lol


  2. Stupid phone! Hippy Dippy Shit. Lol

  3. Hope you had fun shopping :) I hate how early Christmas starts, argh! I'm afraid I'm more like the grinch lol.



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