Saturday, November 17, 2018

Let's Play the LOL game (part 2)

I don't know about you -- but when I go round blogland and read the blogs I wonder where they live...... and from their words I create a whole world for them.... for example - if I think they are in Britain I picture a little thatched roof cottage and big gardens. (silly eh?)

When my lurkers come to read here I wonder where they are from....... maybe across the sea -- more likely from the States (I know I have a large number of readers from the States) BUT maybe they live around the corner....... or in the next city -- or down the highway from me....... OR across the ocean.

So today I am hoping some of you lurkers will leave a country of origin.  You don't have to leave any details (like city or street -- dear god NO!!)  just your country..... It would be fun to see how international my readership is........... wouldn't you like to know where some of the readers/lurkers come from?? or am I the only one?

Let me start............ I am from Canada......... from Ontario to be exact :)  Your turn!


  1. From the UK here, and I am going to leave my city cos I'm quite proud of it. Leicester! :) Where Richard III was buried, dug up, and buried again, we went from a bottom of the league football team to winning it a couple years ago. We're one of the most multicultural cities in the UK! We were here in Roman times (we have lovely bathhouse remains) right through the medieval period and of course today the city is seeing huge changes architecturally. Definitely one to visit for anyone visiting the UK!! :)

  2. I am from Ontario as well, but more south od yourself.

  3. Loving your LOL inquiries! Hoss and Baker are from the states!

  4. Barrel9:22 am

    Around the world we go...Arizona

  5. Anonymous9:45 am

    Been following your journey for years. I am from sunny warm Florida where many Canadians spend the winter.

  6. From the Great White North (aka Canada) as well, Morningstar ... but on the other side of the Rockies ... hugs! ... nj

  7. Hi morningstar, :) Happy LOL Day 2! From The States, somewhere on the east coast! Have fun today! Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  8. Anonymous4:58 pm

    I'm a long-time lurker from the Connecticut shore.

  9. This is a great idea Morning star, I am going to try it for my 2nd day also.
    I am from Victoria, Australia.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  10. Hi Morningstar,

    Happy LoL day 2 from New Zealand:)


  11. Well, the great white north like NJ and morningstar, Ontario.

  12. Hi Morningstar -
    I am from the good ol' US of A.
    Don't come here often enough, but love the honesty of your posts.

  13. Hi. From ottawa on canada

  14. Hi. Come by on occasion. From Ottawa Ontario.��


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