Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Pat Myself on the Back

(which is something I rarely do)

I realized this morning I am a good stepmom!  It's not easy (or natural for me) to admit I do something well.... but being a stepmom -- yeah I got that covered!  

Mind you I had lots of practice being a Mom to my own two daughters... learned from my mistakes (I hope)........ and now I have a whole slew of tricks up my sleeve to make life run a little easier.  

I remember my own Mom saying that having a child later in life helps keep you young.  And I do believe she's right.  I am relearning what the cool toys are -- that Sesame Street has changed .... that Santa still lives.... that "I love you" sounds just as sweet as it always did........ 

AND I am learning new hairstyles -- that get done on one cup of coffee before the sun is up -- 

BUT so worth it when the lil one checks the style out in the mirror and declares "I LOVE IT S!!" 

Don't get me wrong -- it's not all sunshine and lollipops......... some days I wonder what the hell I got myself into........ some days I shed a tear or two and longingly remember my freedom days........ but all in all being a stepmom is a good thing....... gaining a 'bonus' child so to speak.

And as I sit here I realize I did something very right with my daughters.... they love and accept both Sir Steve and his lil one as part of the family with no question and no jealousy.

Life is very good when a family comes together.......... 



  1. How lovely! Way to go!

  2. You should pat yourself on the back, well deserved. This no easy task and not one that should be taken for granted. I have seen so many people get the “step” family thing wrong, that the ones like you who get it, rightfully deserve praise. Good for you.


  3. As someone who has been the child in an acrimonious divorce, the child's view is usually my perspective. You are making a difference that will last through time, Morningstar. Do pat yourself on the back ... it's never easy. It even more to take on when you are retired and in theory should be in the "whoopeee, I'm free!" phase of life ... nj ... xx

  4. What a lovely and very sweet post Morningstar. This made me smile:) How wonderful that you have a united, loving family :) Love the hairstyles too!



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